Spring is Coming! Time to Spring-ify Your Baby’s Wardrobe


When the weather begins to warm and flowers begin to bloom, many parents get excited about creating their child’s spring wardrobe. Whether your tot is interested in bow-ties, hair bows, or both, there are plenty of ways to spring-ify their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Check out the ideas below to help your baby stay stylish this spring!

Buy spring clothes one size too large

If you’re going to be buying your little one new clothes, consider purchasing their spring clothes a size too large so that they can carry you into the summer. Often, babies grow to quickly to make splurge purchases worth it but if you plan for them to wear an item across two seasons it might be worth getting something you’ve had your eye on.

Bring on the accessories

If your babe’s winter clothes still fit and you live in the sort of climate that winter clothes and spring clothes only differ by sleeve length, consider letting them stay in their winter clothes as long as is comfortable and adding the “spring” factor through accessories. A bright floral bow, a pair of pastel sunglasses or a sweet hat can often totally transform the look of a whole outfit.

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Add cute prints underneath

Even if you’re a fan of simple clothes, you can add a little spring flair to your baby’s wardrobe by diapering them in some sweet spring prints underneath their regular clothes. Honest’s spring prints are so cute that if the weathers warm, you might consider letting your little one catch some sun in just their diaper. These diapers are super absorbent to so, if your little one is wearing something special, you won’t have to worry about leaks!

Let them go barefoot

Nothing says springtime like little bare feet. If your tot’s toes have been bundled up all winter, consider letting them ditch their shoes and socks and explore the world with bare feet. If the idea of your babe walking around without shoes or socks stresses you out, grab some sweet sandals for an equally springy look.

How do you like to spring-ify your little one's wardrobe? Share in the comments!

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Spring is Coming! Time to Spring-ify Your Baby’s Wardrobe

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