Spring Clean the House in 10 Easy Steps

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Did the change of seasons sneak up on you too? With Spring comes rebirth and all things refreshed and renewed. Which means only one thing – time to spring clean the house. And what busy mom has time to drag out and deep clean every thing, in every room? So let's skip to the important points that will have you at least feeling fooled into thinking that the house is immaculate – at least for a good five minutes when the kids nap.

1. The Carpet

   The carpet has had a winter full of muddy boots and animal paws running across it so it's due for a washing. Start with thoroughly vacuuming to remove the bigger debris and then either do it yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the unseen dirt lurking in the carpet fibers. Not only will it make the air quality of your home healthier but it will immediately give your room a fresh and restored look.

2. The Beds

   Not the beds per say, but the bedding. Mattresses should be cleaned with Lysol or spot remover if they are still in good enough shape to keep. Retailers suggest getting a new mattress every seven to eight years. It's true that it can be a big expense but if you consider how long you will be using it, it becomes more like an investment. Crisp, freshly washed sheets and new pillows can also go a long way towards contributing to the sense of cleanliness and calm.

3. The Air

   One of the best things about spring is getting to open the windows and get the stagnant air out and let the fresh air inside. Nothing compares to a cool breeze blowing through open doorways and reviving the house. Take the time to check all things air, such as fans, filters, heating and cooling venting systems, and even portable ionizers, humidifiers, and vaporizers. This should actually be checked yearly, if not monthly, so if you have slacked off over the winter, now is a great time to get back on track.

4. The Windows

   They say the eyes are windows to the soul, so windows are the soul of a home. If they are dingy and dark, it's time to lighten and brighten them up. Clean the inside and outside of all windows first and then consider changing the shades or curtains to brighter springlike colors. The clearer you can see out, the more sunshine can travel in and illuminate your rooms and your mood. 

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5. The Routine

   There's no time like the present to develop quicker, more practical ways to better your life. Take an assessment to make sure your goals can be met by your realities and don't be afraid to make a change if need be. Adjustments in routine, time management, and habits can make all the difference in major life changes.

6. The Screens


   This one is often overlooked. Now is the time to go through your rooms and look for any tearing or holes in the screens. Spend the money to replace them.   This will prove invaluable in the upcoming summer months when the insects are prone to creeping inside.

7. The Foliage

   Plants can add some new life to help a house that's been dormant all winter. Go to a local nursery and choose some rich hues for both the inside and outside. The bonus is the plants are added air cleaners and neutralizers. Breathe easy.

8. The Skills

   Reevaluate how well your organizational skills are working. Has the junk drawer gotten completely out of control? Is your laundry system allowing you to function in an efficient manner? Go through shelves, drawers, cabinets, and storage totes to determine if there are better ways to organize what you need. Now is also a good time to follow the old adage “when in doubt, throw it out.” 

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9. The Goods

   Switching pictures, frames, or furniture out can drastically alter the look of a house. Even if it's just moving things from one room to another, it may be just the change you need. Simple things such as seasonal artwork, couch covers, or hand towels can transform entire rooms.

10. The Work

   While there are many tricks and tips to freshen things up without doing a ton of actual work, sometimes its best to give it good ol' elbow grease. There's nothing quite as satisfying as gleaming baseboards, door frames, and trim. Polish up your copper, brass, and wood while you're at it. You'll be glad you took the time to do it. And then you can put it off again until next spring!

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Spring Clean the House in 10 Easy Steps

Nichole Richardson is a St.Louis based freelance writer with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri-St.Louis. Richardson was selected and attended the National Media Convention hosted in Orlando, Florida and worked at Barnes Jewish Hospital (ranked in the top ten in the nation) in Public Relations writing press releases, online, and print copy. She has had articles published in BJC Today, BJH website, Suite101.com, The Current, The Independent News, and Patch.com amongst others. ... More

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