Spinach and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

There are times in our lives when we must eat more protein than usual — one of those times is when you're pregnant. Spinach and eggs both contain a lot of protein, making for a perfect combo in this breakfast sandwich. 

One cup of cooked spinach has a whopping 13 grams of protein while an egg white contributes 3.6 grams and a whole egg 6.29 grams.  That's a great amount of protein to start the day off with, especially for an expecting mother.

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The process for this sandwich is simple, yet the flavor is completely satisfying, with a perfect balance of spice from the salsa and cool flavor from the cheese. I like to use whole wheat or whole grain and high fiber English muffins, but a plain English Muffin will do.  Bagels are another option, though they do contain more carbs and, of course two slices of bread will also get the job done. 

I hope you enjoy this high-protein breakfast sandwich. It's worth it whether you're pregnant or not!

Spinach and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches
Serves 2 (double recipe for 4)

2 eggs
2 egg whites
2 tablespoons salsa
2 handfuls spinach
2 tablespoons Colby Jack (or other spicy cheese)
2 whole wheat English muffins (toasted)

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Whisk together eggs and egg whites.
Heat skillet to medium-high heat and add eggs.
Stir in salsa and spinach and scramble the mixture for about three minutes.

Top with cheese then scoop onto toasted English muffins.


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Spinach and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

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  1. kelly says:

    that looks yummmme

  2. Karina says:

    ilove spinach too.

    def need to make a trip to the groc store. I want a spinach/egg sandwich now

  3. mommy nhoj says:

    will include this in my breakfast menu.

  4. Tanya says:

    Yum, tried this and it is great! 🙂

  5. gfeld says:

    looks tasty. gotta taste this!

  6. Marion says:

    so trying this for breakfast!…looks very easy, too 😉

  7. Rose says:

    i love spinach, and crave it once in a while, so i’m going to try this recipe!

  8. Rose says:

    i love spinach, so i’m going to try this recipe! sounds and looks interesting!

  9. EbyMom says:

    My family eats spinach so well esp my 2+yr son but has never combined it with eggs. Am going to try it out one morning.

  10. Leah Penny says:

    Our family loves spinach and this sounds so delicious. Probably not a good idea for prego to have read this blog at night. 🙂 Can’t wait to try this for breakfast! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I have a hard time with the spinach, but this looks pretty good.

  12. thinkobu says:

    Tried it!! Yummy Yummy!!

  13. tanzy says:



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