I Spank You Because I Love You, So Be Grateful!

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Remember back in the day when parents were able to beat the crap out of their kids if they misbehaved? You know, how children were often sent out to pick out the switch from the field that would be turned on their tender rumps? Or how Dad was able to pull his belt off so fast and turn a bare backside from a pasty white to a cherry red in just a few swats?

Yeah, it doesn't really work like that anymore.

I guess you could do what the mother of the guy formerly known as my best friend did to him—she would make him drop his drawers, and then she would slap his rear with a wooden spoon. If she couldn't find a wooden spoon or all of the wooden spoons were broken from previous beatdowns, she would use a paintbrush.

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Nowadays, stuff could get you in huge trouble, especially if news of your toddler's bruised bum gets out to people that would turn you in to the police. Then you could be looking at 30 days hard time. 

But according to another recent ruling, you do have the right as a parent to spank your child, as long as it does “not constitute excessive corporal punishment.”

Whether or not this New York dad, who spanked his 8-year old for cursing, had in mind the specifics as to how he could spank his child is not super relevant, but lucky for him, he swatted his child with just enough force to get his point across but not hard enough to warrant a month in the slammer.

The judge in this case ruled that “spanking [is] a reasonable use of force.” The defense lawyer's argument for allowing the spanking was priceless.

“There are so many children who unfortunately don’t have fathers around. Here you have a dad who cares and is trying to teach his boy a lesson, you don’t curse at adults, boom here's a whack.”

Is this the message they're sending? You should be grateful that I'm hitting you. I smack you because I love you. 

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What do you think? Is spanking OK if it's just kind of hard but not really that hard? Or are your methods of discipline completely hands off? Let me know!


What do you think?

I Spank You Because I Love You, So Be Grateful!

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  1. IrnMaidan says:

    Every so often a child does deserve a spank especially if they are being disrespectful. I’ve seen so many children that were brought up solely on time outs and stern talking to and most of them were the most disrespectful children I have ever met and their parents don’t know what went wrong especially when they are told not to talk to people a certain way and their response is to tell their parents to shut up and walk away. Time outs are good at first but if the disrespectfulness doesn’t end, what are you going to do? Keep your child in time out for every second of every day? Obviously a stern talking to doesn’t work as everybody anticipate it to. If I ever spoke to my parents the way some of the kids speak to their parents today, I would’ve gotten more than a spanking. I’ve not emotionally scarred because my parents disciplined me.

  2. Austin says:

    If you hit an adult it’s assault, hit a child it’s discipline? Ummmm, no. I was spanked as a child and I think worse of my parents for it. It’s weak parenting. All you are teaching your child is to use physical violence to get your way. You can raise respectful and well behaved children without hitting them.

  3. ovation says:

    I agree spanking is ok. I was spanked as a child and it did not emotionally destroy me for life. I just learned probably not a good idea to do those things. We use a combination of spanking and time outs with our 4 year old. Because of this he is a very well behaved child. He has his moments but kids do as they learn to deal with emotions and situations. I’m not afraid my child will ever come home and beat me up or his grandparents. I have gotten a very nasty look when he tried to run out the store door into the parking lot. I grabbed him before he could make it out and spanked him. That’s a pretty dangerous offense. I did explain to him why. Asking your child to “please don’t do that” as the child continues the behavior is ridiculous. Kids need love, boundaries and discipline. My children will be spanked when needed and CPS can kiss my a**.

  4. cassie says:

    I think more children should be spanked to teach them it is Not ok to misbehave or show disrespect. Thats the problem these days, is overly sensitive parents are afraid to “hurt their kids feelings.” And parents who do discipline get punished! Seems as though minors run the show now! Everybody is afraid of CPS. Not this woman! You have to know your boundaries with disciplining without going overboard.

  5. I agree. Children noadays have no respect. There are too many bad influences. Its important to teach right from wrong and sometime a smack on the behind is warrented. But there’s a difference between educating and excessive punishment that should not be ignored.

  6. Grace says:

    Spanking is okay, should not be used in anger or in everyday situations. But for set severe actions, it should be explained as to why and yes done with love, just to get their attention and help get them back on track. Spare the rod, the child will suffer. Boundaries are important, teaching, training, raising your child…


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