What Sort of Swim Lessons Are Right for Your Toddler?

As summer approaches, many parents might wonder if their child is ready for swim lessons. This piece will quote experts and share the key indicators that a baby is ready as well as what parents can expect them to learn. 

As the temperature heats up many families find themselves drawn to water. Whether it’s a pool, a lake or a beach, a refreshing dip can feel fantastic after a hot day. As much fun as swimming is though, it can be a dangerous activity for young kids. Accidental drowning is a leading cause of death among children under five and, despite parental vigilance, the summer months see a drastic increase in the incidence of water accidents.

Drowning is preventable though, and there are a number of steps parents can take to ensure their little one’s safety around water. First and foremost, children should never be left unattended around water. Caretakers should be actively watching kids and should make sure that they scan the pool or lake constantly while kids are swimming. In addition to providing supervision and attention, parents should also consider enrolling their children in swim lessons. So, how young can kids begin lessons and what sort of lessons should they take?

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Kerin Morgan, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Aquatic Development Advisor and swim lesson expert says that even young babies can benefit from formal swim lessons. “Babies are naturally capable of achieving many skills in the water and recent research has proven early lessons to be effective”

Many establishments begin offering formal lessons around six months of age and provide a variety of class options. Check out the class types below to get an idea of what sort of lessons might be best for your babe.

Parent/Child Classes

Parent/ child classes often focus on helping baby feel comfortable in the water. During these classes parents will hop in the pool with their babies and move with them through a series of songs and games. As babies spend more time in the water they’ll begin to feel comfortable and ready to explore how they can move their bodies! These classes are usually offered for ages 4 months through 3 years. 

ISR (Infant Self-Rescue)

ISR classes can be somewhat controversial as they involve allowing a baby to go underwater repeatedly in an effort to teach them to flip to their backs and float should they find themselves alone in the water. While these classes are often less fun than classes designed to get babies comfortable in the water, they can give kids who live near water the skills they need to get out of a dangerous situation. These classes are usually offered for ages 6 months through 6 years. 

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons typically take place in either a public or a private pool with a certified instructor. Usually the instructor will talk with you about what your goals are and then work with your child one-on-one in the pool to help them develop the desired comfort or skills. These classes are usually offered for ages 4 months all the way through adults. 

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What Sort of Swim Lessons Are Right for Your Toddler?

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