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A lot of people connect with others online through social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, but these days companies are also using their social media pages to display coupons and recipes, which, in turn, they hope will attract readers.

Since I spend one day per week coupon clipping and menu writing, I’m always following links to printable coupons available from certain companies via their Facebook pages. ‘Like’ the company on Facebook and guess what? You might just get $1 off (or similar) and then regular updates on your Facebook page about new specials, recipes, and, of course, additional advertisements and posts.

I don’t have a personal Facebook account any longer, but I do have one I set up for work a while ago; so I use this page to link to coupon deals. I’ve found great recipes and special deals I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. If you have a personal Facebook page but you don’t want to clutter it up with junk ads by businesses you like and want to follow, consider setting up an account specifically for savings. I’ve done the same with my email accounts, creating an entirely separate email address for couponing so my personal email account doesn’t receive daily updates from companies that want me to buy their products.

I also follow a variety of companies and coupon saving tweeters on Twitter. I’ve gotten great deals on items I may never have thought of purchasing (for example, a $5 subscription to a particular magazine gift for my husband), along with free samples. Companies also use Twitter for giveaways. I try to check the board a few times each day to see if anything good pops up. I have only one Twitter account, so it all goes to my blog’s feed; but, I find I can quickly scroll through and pull what I want when needed.

Below are a few great Twitter users I follow for savings, not including specific companies I use on a regular basis.

Southernsavers – This is the website I use most for menu planning and coupon clipping – a great variety of coupons and specials – found this site this year and love it; great for daily deals – great site for deals and steals

Who do you follow for savings on social networking sites? Please share in the comments!

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Social Networking for Savings

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  1. Profile photo of Lori Lori says:

    Fantastic ideas!!!! I’ll be visiting the pages listed above too, thank you!

  2. i will definitely check out those pages. i also like promotions from brands that allow me to receive free samples if you "like" their page


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