Social Media Anxiety Disorder: Why 42% of Moms Are Suffering

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Do you frequently experience social network-inflicted stress? After seeing other image-sharing mothers’ posts and pins, do you feel pressure to ante-up your motherhood skills?

If so, you are not alone!  According to a TODAY Moms survey, Pinterest is stressing out at least half of us moms! In fact, “A whopping 42 percent of [surveyed Moms] said that the image-sharing site has caused them anxiety.”

The survey also proved that most of the anxiety/stress/pressure/I’m-not-good-enough Moms feel is self-inflicted.  And Pinterest isn’t the only vehicle to blame.  

Instagram is also contributing to our quest for motherhood-perfection with its “false portraits of idealized family life”; and Facebook is “a breeding ground for parental anxiety, with images and statuses presenting a romanticized portrait of life with young children.”  (It even has a name: “Fakebooking”!!!)

I admit that after seeing a bunch of new status updates and fun family photos in stream after stream of social home pages, I want to upload a new photo and write a witty update to prove that I, too, am a happy, brilliant mother.  But I’m not just waiting around until my child is clean-faced, happy, and angelically smiling before snapping the perfected photo (though it can’t hurt to let everyone know that she is capable of clean-faced, happy, angelical smiles).

The truth is that social media is just another method for mothers to judge, cringe, compare, share, and wonder about the same internal questions and thoughts women have had for decades.

Whose kid has the healthiest, homemade school lunch? Who is pregnant again? Why hasn’t my child lost that first tooth yet, when her child has? Who has the best-kept yard in the neighborhood? Who has started their own backyard garden? Who cooks for their husbands and children, like all mothers should? Who regularly tries out new recipes? Which summer camps are their children enrolled in, and have they financially squeezed in a family summer vacation too? Which mother is happiest? Who has the best-behaved children? Are her motherhood skills better than mine?

And on, and on, and on … The actual list is endless, because we are all so different. Yet we compare, judge, cringe, and share. But are we only sharing our finer moments, so that the world’s impression of us is “perfect”?

Do you think social media pushes mothers to strive for perfection? Do you suffer with Social Media Anxiety Disorder?

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Social Media Anxiety Disorder: Why 42% of Moms Are Suffering

Kimberly Shannon is a wife, a mother, an editor, a writer ... She is always working to find the perfect balance¹! After Kimberly received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she worked on two master’s degree programs (Creative Writing, and Marriage and Family Therapy). At various times in her life she has signed up to study Naturopathy, only to back out at the last minute, and humored the idea of returning full-time to the world of dance. Kimberly has also started 10 different children ... More

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  1. Profile photo of Alanna Alanna says:

    Just because someone is posting on social media does not make them a super parent.

  2. Profile photo of pumpkin pumpkin says:

    i can see how this can be a problem with some moms, but i guess my friends are strange then… they seem to talk about issues that their children are having and asking for insight from other parents on what to do… also too as a first time mom im finding pintrest full of fun stuff! we live in an apartment and seem to not have a whole lot of space, so i love all the fun space saving ideas im finding on there 😀

  3. Profile photo of Erin Erin says:

    Nope, I can truthfully say I’ve never experienced this. But in all seriousness, wouldn’t Social _Media_ Anxiety Disorder simply fall under Social Anxiety Disorder? And can something that can be cured as quickly and easily as turning off the computer really be a "disorder"?


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