Check Out These Snuggly Holiday Gifts, Perfect for a Cold Night!

When winter makes its entrance, many parents worry about being cooped up inside all day with their rambunctious kiddos. While it can certainly be tough to keep little ones entertained when the weather keeps you from heading outdoors, cold weather can present the perfect opportunity to slow down, cuddle up and get cozy. This holiday season as your shopping for gifts for your baby, consider stocking up on things that will make the perfect snuggly day possible!

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A blanket they’ll love

When you snuggle up with your little one, you’ll want to make sure that everyone is warm and toasty. Adding a fun blanket, like this shark or this unicorn, will ensure that your little one looks forward to calming down and cuddling up. When your kiddo has a snuggly blanket they love they’ll be more likely to want to sit down and use it!

A good book

Once you’re all cuddled up together, your little one is probably going to want to hear a story. Choose a classic from your own childhood or captivate them with a personalized story all about themselves. No matter what you read, silly voices and lots of tickling are highly encouraged!

Something to sip

When you’re snuggling up with your little one, you’ll probably both be in the mood for something sweet and warm. Consider adding a few packets of hot chocolate to your child's stocking this year!

Matching pajamas

A new set of pajamas is a hallmark holiday present in many families. This year shop around for a set that you know your babe will love like these super snuggly family matching jammies.  

Sweet slippers

When you’ll be staying indoors all day, there’s no need for real shoes. Your little one will love a pair of snuggly slippers they can wear at home to keep their toes toasty.


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Check Out These Snuggly Holiday Gifts, Perfect for a Cold Night!

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