Snacks for Dinner? Keeping it Simple and Healthy

Parents today often put themselves under a tremendous amount of pressure to be perfect. They want to serve their kids healthy, organic meals, provide enriching and entertaining activates and give their children with just the right amount of structure to ensure that their little ones grow up happy, healthy, creative, and well behaved.

While it’s great to strive for your best, trying to be perfect is both impossible and exhausting. Instead of trying to do it all, consider thinking about what’s most important and then simplifying everything else. One easy time parents can do this is at meal time. All parents know how important is to give their kids healthy food that they’ll enjoy eating but picky eaters, rushed meal times, and busy schedules can make it tough. Grown-ups often have an idea of what a proper dinner looks like, and this idea usually involves something hot and homemade. In reality, many snack foods are healthy and delicious and can absolutely be served for dinner.  Check out the foods below that are healthy, yummy, and ready in less than five minutes.

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Whole Wheat Bagel with Cream Cheese

Most kiddos love bagels and cream cheese. Not only are bagels ready in less than a minute (all you’ve got to do is slice them and spread the cream cheese) they can also be found in all sorts of flavors to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are packed with protein and do a great job of keeping little bellies full. Hard-boiled eggs can be prepared (and even peeled) in advanced for a dinner component that truly is grab-and-go.

Peanut Butter and Banana Toast

Peanut butter and banana toast is a real treat for most kids. To prepare this two-minute dish simply toast a few pieces of bread, spread them with peanut butter and top them with sliced bananas.

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Hummus and Pita

Pita chips or warmed pita bread pair perfectly with a creamy or savory flavored hummus. To prepare this snack dinner all you’ll have to do is pour some pita chips on the plate (or heat some pita bread in the oven or microwave and spoon some hummus on to your child’s plate.

Meat and Cheese Spread

Little hands often enjoy little snacks. To prepare your sophisticated tot’s meant and cheese spread simply slice a variety of cheese, add some meat (like pepperoni or salami) to a plate, and give your kiddo the crackers they’ll need to create their own sweet sandwiches.

Raw Fruit and Veggies

While many kids love fruit, getting them to eat raw vegetables can be a challenge. Consider tossing veggies and fruit on the same plate and then giving them a small dish of dipping sauce to up the flavor of their crunchy veggies.


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Snacks for Dinner? Keeping it Simple and Healthy

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