Small Miracles: Conjoined Twins Separated and Thriving

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Twin sisters, Amelia and Allison Tucker, were born in March 1, 2012 but have spent most of their short lives in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where they were born. They were born conjoined at the chest, and spent those first few months of life in what looked like a perpetual embrace.

Last month on November 7th, at just 8 months old, after a grueling 7-hour surgery, the girls were successfully separated. The girls are doing great but still have a long road of recovery ahead of them; more procedures. But they are alive and separated to be held by their parents. What an amazing holiday their parents must be having knowing that their girls are on course for a full recovery.

The saddest part about this story is that though the girls are thriving now and doing well, when their mother, Shellie Tucker, was pregnant with them at her 20-week ultrasound, she was given the devastating news that the girls were conjoined. Her obstetrician hadn’t had any experience with conjoined twins and sent them to get an expert opinion. The expert opinion was to terminate the pregnancy. Luckily for the twins, Mr. and Mrs. Tucker decided there was no way that they were going to terminate the pregnancy and would see it through.

It just goes to show that as parents we really need to follow our instincts when it comes to knowing what’s best for our children and our family. The recent miracle operation that separated the girls has left the Tuckers with two beautiful daughters but could have just as easily ended with both parents having empty arms and a wounded heart had they followed the advice of their expert opinion.

A doctor will look at a child from the perspective of medicine, reason and health. A parent will look at a child from the perspective of unconditional love and care. Sometimes we need to put our faith in the miracles because reason fails and leaves us wanting.

How would you have dealt with this type of pregnancy – would you have gone with the advice of the doctor or taken your chances with the outcome?

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Small Miracles: Conjoined Twins Separated and Thriving

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