Making a Fresh Start – 6 Tips Toward an Empowered Life

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The lazy, carefree days of summertime provide an awesome opportunity for you to make a fresh start in your life. Whether you want to give up smoking, start an exercise program, refine the way your family eats, implement a new household budget, improve your health, deep clean and un-clutter your home, or get your relationship back on track – now is the time to do so!

According to Deepak Chopra, the renowned abundant living personality, it only takes 21 days of consistent conscious living to create new habits in your life. Doing something consistently for 21 days in a row helps you break through mental boundaries and ensures you a fresh start. Think about it. Only 21 short days. Just 3 small weeks. If you can get through 9 months (40 weeks) of pregnancy, chances are you can get through 21 days of commitment to a new way of life.

The following tips will help you make positive changes in your life so that you can get a fresh start regardless of what situation in your life you are trying to change.

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1. As mentioned earlier, Deepak Chopra believes in the 21-day transformation. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can check out his 21 day meditation challenge available here. All you have to do is spend less than 3 minutes per day with Deepak’s guided meditation and your new goals/lifestyle in mind. Millions of people have transformed their health; fine tuned their finances, and made other life changes utilizing the 21-day meditation tools. 

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2. Do one thing at a time! Too often, when we are in the midst of life/lifestyle changes we try to do too many things at once. If your goal is to change your family’s health or lifestyle – make one small change at a time. For instance, start by drinking water for a week or so. Then add light daily exercise. Wean out sugars and fats in your diet rather than quitting cold turkey. If you try to do an immediate overhaul in any area of your life, chances are you will become frustrated and feel more anxiety with the changes. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

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3. Use positive imagery. Dreaming, imagination, make believe and fairy tales are an amazing part of childhood that far too often, adults throw to the wayside. Truth is, spending just a few minutes each day in quiet contemplation, imagining your best selling book hit New York’s bestseller list, or seeing yourself back in that bikini, or seeing your kids who are learning to swim doing so independently can go miles toward helping you make a fresh start. Whether you are going through a divorce, moving, or making a big change in your life – the trick is to imagine yourself already there.

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4. Pay attention to your thoughts. The mental rhetoric in your head that is constantly shouting, “I am not good enough,” or “I cannot do this,” or “This will never work,” are self-destructive patterns of thoughts. Take control of your thoughts and when they turn negative implement an affirmation such as, “This WILL work,” or “I got this,” or even “I am capable.” Say your affirmation out loud until you have silenced the nay-saying voices in your head.

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5. Keep a GOAL journal. Sitting down each evening, or in the morning and taking just a few minutes to write down your goals and the baby steps you are taking towards them is an exercise in empowerment. Writing things down makes your desired new life more than just a fleeting thought. Keep track of your progress (even the mini-successes such as getting your kids to snack on carrots rather than chips) so that at the end of the road you can see just how far you have come. Writing down your obstacles and challenges (and finding and journaling solutions) is a good way to see them as surmountable.

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6. Be easy on yourself! Don’t become so focused that you lose sight of the fact that you are human. No matter what fresh start you are trying to make, there will be days that seem harder than others do. Each day is designed to teach you something. Take the lessons as they come, and realize that any and every moment in your life offers you the possibility (and choice) to make a positive change! You always have a choice to feel good or bad, to have good thoughts or bad thoughts. It’s up to you to choose the good in your life. 

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Making a Fresh Start – 6 Tips Toward an Empowered Life

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