This Single Dad Teaches Other Dads How to Do Their Daughters’ Hair

I'll be the first to admit that I am not the best at doing my daughters' hair. 

Never having really mastered the art of the hairstyle for myself, let alone three daughters who inherited their mother's unique blend of fine hair that tangles easily yet refuses to hold a curl, my range of hairstyling abilities ranges from messy ponytail, lopsided pigtails to falling-out French braid. 

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Which is why I think I need to take a lesson from the newest Hairstyling Guru on the block, Philippe Morgese, a single dad who has been making headlines all over the world for the classes he stared on how to teach other fathers to style their daughters' hair. 

Image via Phillipe Morgese

Morgese's story was featured everywhere, from BuzzFeed to ABC News, as the world was fascinated by this father's desire to not only create awe-inspiring hairstyles for his daughter, but to share those skills with other dads, shattering all those stigmas about dads who can't do hair. 

His story started as simply trying to keep up with his daughter's hair, and soon, he realized how much they both loved spending that time together. “I love the time spent with her, and she loves the cool hair, so it's a win-win,” he told BuzzFeed. 

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After getting a lot of inquiries from other dads, he approached a local beauty school and hosted a class just for dads. The school allowed him to run the class for free, and in turn, Morgese hosted the class for free of charge for the seven dads and daughters who showed up. 

Since then, he has created the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory and is hosting more and more classes. 

Image via Phillipe Morgese Daddy Daughter Hair Factory

Teaching the class hasn't necessarily come easily to Morgese, but he feels his mission is important. He sent over a few pictures from a recent class to me, explaining that he wished he had taken the time to get more pictures. “I was consumed with doing the class and getting over my fear of speaking in front of them!” he laughed. 

Morgese's talents have attracted the attention of not just dads, but also hair-styling-challenged mothers like myself. “All of this attention at the school sparked a mom-and-daughter hair class,” Morgese told me. “I'll be helping with that once a month.” 


Kudos to this dad, and hopefully, I can pick up a few tips from him!

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This Single Dad Teaches Other Dads How to Do Their Daughters’ Hair

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  1. Reo says:

    This is a great bit for any dad out there. My husband was a single dad for 12 years before we met and it was things like this he had to learn or make up on the fly. It’s both surprising and appalling how little our culture thinks and supports single dads. A single mom has a ton of resources, but most of those place will turn away a single dad.


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