The Simple Trick To Use For A Natural Delivery

What would you say if I told you that there was one incredibly easy, super simple, totally free trick to achieving the all-natural labor and delivery of your dreams?

Ok, ok, so I probably sound more like an infomercial than the helpful medical nurse I'm trying to be, but I'm also not exaggerating. There really is a super simple method that I practiced during my second pregnancy that completely got me through my labor and delivery without an epidural. 

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Honestly, I'm still kind of shocked that it worked so well, but it did. 

Ready to hear my secret? 

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That's right, you guessed it–it was yoga.

Now, I'm not talking about any kind of crazy, committed yoga sessions. All I'm talking about is employing the very basic principles of breathing and focusing that yoga poses can teach you.

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For me, the very best yoga pose that taught me how how to breathe and focus was the tree pose. All throughout my pregnancy, I popped in my little yoga DVD and halfheartedly did the exercises. Allow me to assure you that I'm no yogi, but the DVD was only twenty minutes and it was all I could muster in my exhausted pregnant state, so I really didn't expect it to come to anything. 

Yet, for some reason, the tree pose was one of those that just seemed to “stick” with me. Each week, I looked forward to completely zoning out, focusing on my breath, and seeing how long I could balance as my belly grew larger and larger. I learned to pick one visual image–it was usually the light switch in the living room–to focus on, blocking everything else out and just breathing through the pose. 

Which, strangely enough, is exactly what I ended up doing during labor. 

As each contraction hit me, I narrowed my vision down to one focal point. With my second daughter, for whatever reason, it was the glowing outlet in the bathroom of my hospital room, and I never took my eyes off of it. As the contraction grew more intense, I would continue to focus on the outlet and breathe, breathe, breathe, until at last, the contraction started to ebb. 

I was shocked, going through labor, at how the little bit of yoga that I did made such a difference, but it did. I found out that all you need to have a natural delivery is the ability to focus, breathe, and block everything else out during each contraction. And for me, the simple tree pose of yoga was the key to doing just that!

So if you are planning a natural delivery, I definitely encourage you to practice the pose, or any other balance move in yoga for that matter, during your pregnancy. Anything that can help you learn to focus and breathe will give you some techniques to utilize when those contractions hit. 

How about you? What did you find anything helpful for your natural delivery? 


What do you think?

The Simple Trick To Use For A Natural Delivery

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  1. Wendy says:

    This article is spot on.
    So there I was….on my side in the fetal position, reclined ALL the way back in the front passenger seat of our new town and country van, desperately trying to keep my fourth baby from making his appearance in the car on the way (20 miles) to the nearest hospital. Now with my first child, labor took FOREVER, and I ended up taking my mother’s advice and getting an epidural (never doing that again). Second and third child refused to come on their own so I ended up inducing. Then here’s daniel, who decided he wanted to come NOW, not later, NOW. My husband sped down the highway and tried to say soothing words, but the ONLY thing that helped was, when each contraction came, looking up at the knob for the air controls in the back of the van, that lovely 1, 2, 3 saved my husbands hands. I tuned everything out, relaxed every muscle I possibly could, and let the contraction pass while chanting 1, 2, 3 outlaid and focusing entirely on those beautiful numbers. No screaming, no shouting hurtful words at my terrified husband, just calm and focused 1, 2, 3. Seriously, our bodies know exactly what to do, we were made to give birth, we just have to let our bodies do their thing. Daniel was born exactly 6 minutes after pulling up to the E.R. entrance, he was 10 lbs! I’m not a big lady, so yeah, just breathe and chant ladies.

  2. Brittney says:

    I can relate to this. I didn’t have the energy for a full on workout (cardio, weights, etc.) so I did several short 10 min pregnancy yoga/pilates videos on YouTube over my lunch break at work and in the evenings at home. During the more strenuous portions I would find myself closing my eyes and just focusing on my body and breathing. I had very minimal intervention with the birth of my daughter (just pitocin) in January. During contractions, I would just close my eyes and focus inward on my body and breathing. I didn’t even think about what I was doing. The practice I had done through my workouts allowed my body and mind to do what was familiar. I had a goal to not have an epidural or any other pain medications and am very thankful I did the pregnancy yoga/pilates to help me through. Of course, my husband and mom were there for support as well.

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