There Are No Sick Days for Moms: Tips for Parenting While Sick

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There is not a job in this world as rewarding (or exhausting!) as being a mom. When you’ve got little people to care for you’re always busy. Whether you’re fixing meals, kissing boo-boos, or making sure they’re learning and growing, you rarely have time to rest. So, what happens when you’re suddenly sick and absolutely need your rest? Moms don't get sick days! Check out the tips below to help you deal with parenting while sick.

  1. Call in the reinforcements

When you’re under the weather, toughing it out on your own should be a last resort. If your kids go to daycare, you should send them even though you’ll be at home. But if your kids are at home during the day, your partner should take the day off to care for them, if at all possible. If you don’t have a partner, or they’re unable to stay home, consider calling someone in. A family member, a good friend, or anyone who owes you a favor can watch your kids while you get some real rest.

  1. Set the bar low

If you're feeling sick while caring for your kids, do your best to set your expectations accordingly. Even if you’d never dream of letting your kids watch TV during a regular week or you usually plan educational activities for each morning, just do what you need to do to rest so you can get well quickly.

  1. Get to the doctor

Sometimes moms are so busy taking care of everyone else that they don’t find the time to take care of themselves. On your sick days, don’t simply hope that it passes or try to push through. Instead, get to the doctor early so you can get what you need to feel better more quickly.

  1. Pull out all the toys

When you’re in charge of the kids and you can’t give them the attention you usually would, take the opportunity to pull out anything and everything that might keep your kids busy. Let your kids play to their hearts' content while you lay back and try to rest.

  1. Don’t worry about the things that can wait

Dishes? Vacuuming? Organizing? Let it wait. Spend your time recovering and resting, not doing things that you’ll have plenty of time to do when you feel better. 

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There Are No Sick Days for Moms: Tips for Parenting While Sick

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