Scout Willis Arrested in New York

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Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, was arrested June 4th for underage drinking and possessing and showing an officer a fake ID. She has subsequently been charged with two misdemeanors and was released from jail without bail. Scout Willis is a 20-year-old college student at Brown University and was spotted on the street with an 8-ounce beer; and, after questioning, admitted who she was to the officer.

She has hired a lawyer who said that Scout had the chance to plead guilty to the charges, but instead choose not to because she does not want a criminal record. Her lawyer said, “It would be outrageous to mar a person that's clearly going places – clearly seeking to have a career … with a criminal record. The goal is clearly a non-criminal offer.” She goes on to say this, “Seriously, you were underage once … who wasn't looking to get into a bar?”

Her parents have not commented on the arrest, but one would assume it is their money that is paying for the lawyer. So, I find it abhorrent that a parent would hire an attorney who would encourage my child to plead not guilty to a crime they admittedly committed. I also don’t understand negotiating for a non-criminal offer for a crime that was clearly criminal. It may seem a silly law to not allow drinking at age 20, but a law is a law. Scout Willis clearly knew she was breaking a law and was blatant enough in her actions that she was out in public drinking. She clearly thought she would get away with it, and I have a suspicion she told the officer her right name in an effort to get off by having famous parents. I am not naive; I drank as a teen. I guess I was just smart enough to do it in the privacy of someone’s home; and if I was ever caught, I would have done the right thing and pled guilty. If this was my child caught drinking underage and possessing a fake ID, I would expect my child to plead guilty; they do the crime, and they do the time.

So, if this was your child, would you support him or her fighting the charge?



What do you think?

Scout Willis Arrested in New York

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  1. Ami says:

    Yup I would support my child in that decision, what kind of douche wouldn’t? I wouldn’t get them a lawyer though because I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it.

  2. Dottie says:

    My fiance and I have already discussed this and we have started a college fund for our son but if he messes up then he gets bailed out once and we get the money for our retirement fund. We have both been there done that so to speak. My parents have helped me out of trouble once and his family (who have money) have helped him multiple times none of which helped. Kids are going to mess up but that dosn’t mean we should let it ruin their lives. As long as there is a reasonable limit to how much we help them then it is a parents job to support their child when something like this happens.

  3. Marcella says:

    I’ve sat in a jail cell as a teen for something I didn’t do, but since my parents thought I did do it they said to hell with it, let her sit there. I don’t think they should cover it up for her!

  4. Deigh says:


  5. Kitty says:

    If this happened to me, my parents would have let me sit in prison overnight to let me think about what I did before bailing me out, and I would be paying for my own attorney. I plan on doing the same if my kids ever found themselves in that position. At the age of 20, she’s old enough to know that she’s made her bed, and now she must lie in it.

    • Sheena says:

      Mine actually did let me set in jail overnight, it wasn’t even a full 24 hours…. But I a terrified little girl who up until the incident thought I knew at all (like most of us that age). If my child admitted their wrong doing, yes my husband and I would definitely help out either one of our children!! Just my opinion on this situation….. I truly think that her name most likely changed the outcome and the judges choices (which is IMO completely unfair) I have nothing against her or her famous family, but isn’t the justice system supposed to be fair and give everyone the same treatment as well as punishment?

  6. Phammom says:

    I would support them about 50%. They need to learn from their mistakes but do not need a criminal back ground that will stay with them for life.

  7. Terry says:

    The only reason we’re reading about this is because of who her parents are, and while that certainly has advantages attached, I’m sure it’s made growing up difficult for her at times – like now. She may have broken the law, but she didn’t go out and blatantly steal thousands of $$$ of items she could have paid for and tried to get out of it. (That was mean of me to say – surely, emotional problems have to have been a factor in that case) This is a common mistake and I certainly don’t think it should be held against her forever. Even misdemeanors can cause you problems if you want to go into some professions. Sure she’s guilty,and hopefully she’s learned a lesson, but I hope it goes away so she won’t have to worry about it forever.

  8. JessiLoveday says:

    Another thing, I love how stuck up some of you are. Apparently you haven’t been 20 in a while.

  9. JessiLoveday says:

    You do realize she has less than a year til she can legally drink, right? Is her body going through all kinds of changes that drinking will mess up, or is she going to get pregnant as a teen for being drunk around boys? No, she’s 20. I may have indulged when I was 20 at weddings and a few times at the bowling alley from other peoples drinks. That doesn’t mean I need a criminal record any more than she does. It really isn’t a big deal.

  10. JessiLoveday says:

    Just thought I should point out that sure she did it, it was underage. But it isn’t like she’s 14. She 20, with less than a year til she can drink. This isn’t even a big deal.

  11. soccer4four says:

    Seriously!! I guess everyone that is really guilty pleads guilty!! There won’t be a need for Defense Attorneys anymore. They aren’t any different then most parents, the only reason they are on here is because they are famous. So don’t act like just because they are famous they are making a different decision than alot of people out there. Its really no ones business. So stop your holier than thou attitude! For crying out loud a women in this country sued McDonalds because she spilled hot coffee on HERSELF and some rediculous jury gave her millions. Probably just hoping they could win millions some day because of what they did for her!!! Very few people take responsablity for their own actions any more. They are human just like you and why they have to be held to a hire standard than the general population just drives me crazy. We just don’t get to judge other people because they won’t make it to this website!!!!

  12. JoyBrewer says:

    It’s like I told my daughter when she was in high school…..if you do not want to go to school–for whatever the reason–I will call you in sick and send in a note. But if the school ever calls me to say you might be playing hooky—you are on your own. That never happened. Not once. When she was truthful and wanted to stay home she did. No hooky.

  13. diremouse says:

    "The law is the law." There was a time when the law was an instrument designed to better our lives, to help us live agreeably with one another. It has now become, in the hands of the likes of Heather Montgomery, a tool of vengeance, of retribution, of revenge. Reason is out, fascism and mandates are in. Duck, here comes Heather and her heavy legal club.

  14. Suzan says:

    Oh, please. I work in the criminal justice system and see this happening to young offenders all the time, with or without an attorney. It is in no one’s best interest to blight a record over something so small. The expungement process is lengthy and a lot of damage can happen in the interim. Diversion programs are perhaps the best compromise, but not always appropriate. Sometimes it is best to get the charge dismissed and move on. When I was underage, the police justlectured us and poured out or confiscated the drink. Not every little infraction needs to land in a courtroom. Sometimes overzealous police can forget this. Sometimes judges are the voice of reason.

  15. ChuckEarly says:

    This is supposed to be a family site…

    Another narcissistic Hollywood brat. Why people idolize "stars" like they are really something special is beyond me. So tired of their bad deeds being some sort of a goal for another to try and top. And even more tired of the media always adoring them anyway…

  16. rickchumsae says:

    Is Bruce good enough looking for Demi? Oh, drop the charges; she is just growing up and if she is at Brown she must be doing ok.

  17. TomAlciere says:

    The drinking age is a hate crime, plain and simple. The MADD bigots are working for the auto industry, which would rather have the drinking age than a serious DWI crackdown.

    Drinking is a right. Drinking does not violate anybody’s rights. The State has absolutely no right to restrict drinking.

    • Melissa says:

      Excuse me ? Drinking violates a persons rights when a drunk person hits them with a car and injures or kills someone. Or when a drunk father or husband beats the shit out of his family. I could go on but you get the drift. Drinking is not a “right” It’s a privilege for some, a responsibility, an addiction, and the only reason people are able to keep drinking is because it makes money, same with cigarettes. In light of many, many awful things that have happened to people under the influence of alcohol, the state should absolutely be able to restrict drinking in order to try and keep crime and addiction, etc. down. But we all know that people under the age limit drink anyway. Scout did, I did, whoever. But to say that drinking is a right and doesn’t violates anyone elses right, is a crock of shit and you know it. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous things readily available to the public. The fact that you’re so defensive of it says a lot.

  18. RobertLowman says:

    Drinking under age… me a favour, who hasent, and its a crock as you are allowed to die for your country at 18, but cant suck down a beer until your 21. All it is, was the poor girl was unlucky to get seen by a goody two shoes police man.

  19. RobertLowman says:

    Drinking under age… me a favour, who hasent, and its a crock as you are allowed to die for your country at 18, but cant suck down a beer until your 21. All it is, was the poor girl was unlucky to get seen by a goody two shoes police man.

  20. Patricia says:

    So you think that you teach your children when they do something wrong, to try to get out of it? No wonder our world is sooo screwed up! She should absolutely pay for her crimes – like everybody else…When I was a young, single mother, I was charged with a DUI. Instead of trying to get off (which I could have – every cop at the station commented directly to me that I did not look, or act, intoxicated. I had 2 drinks in 3 hours…), I took my daughter with me to the courthouse and plead guilty. I told her that when you do something wrong, you admit to it, and take the punishment. Now that is almost an adult, I know that what I taught her has sunk in, and she is a very mature, responsible young lady, that knows right from wrong. She also knows that if she does something illegal, she will be the one paying for it!

  21. jewelltuber says:

    Privilege in action. This is an example of a systemic corruption. A law is created that most will not obey and then if you are caught you must use privilege and or wealth or face an unreasonable punishment. Of course the poor and decent will suffer. The real question should be why can’t we trust our neighbor with alcohol until after we have sent them off to war?
    OH, wait a minute I think I just answered my own question:)

  22. Fred says:

    looks and sounds like you were one of those kiddie gong show contestants.

  23. JamesMadden says:

    Oh.. and one more thing… I don’t even like Bruce Willis… as an actor he lost my interest by his vulgar vocabulary years ago… so my opinion in this has absolutely nothing to do with the parents fame…

  24. JamesMadden says:

    I tend to agree with this Person:
    8:31 PM on August 1, 2012
    Ok – you are either writing this article to just to get a knee jerk response out of people or …

    You say you are a mother of Three… If so.. and when your own kids get to the ripe old age of being only months short of some age related technical Legality… and they get into trouble… Will you then stand by the same supposed suped up overzealous Legalistic attitude and want your own children to wear a Criminal Record for something as stupid as this? I think time will tell that you are being Hypocritical… You have let your ideology over run your common sense. Pleading Non-Guilty is how Plea Bargains are opened… you do not get something reduced to infraction or file sealed and destroyed after a set period of time for pleading Guilty as Charged.

  25. Ok – you are either writing this article to just to get a knee jerk response out of people or you are an idiot. Which is it?

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