Scientists Have a New Way to Predict Whether You’ll Have a Boy or Girl

Often, as soon as she finds out she’s pregnant, a woman begins to wonder if she’s having a boy or girl. It doesn't usually matter which, but she just wants to know! There are all kinds of old wives tales that claim to predict a baby’s sex. However, there are only a few tried and true methods of finding out. One method is genetic testing around 10 weeks. Another is sneaking a peek through ultrasound around 16-20 weeks. And, of course, you can always wait until the big day to find out! If you’re too early for any of the tried and true methods, scientists have discovered a new way to predict a baby’s sex: 

The mother’s blood pressure prior to becoming pregnant. 

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The study was done in China. It revealed that mothers with higher blood pressure pre-pregnancy are more likely to deliver baby boys. Because of that, it also showed that mothers with lower blood pressure pre-pregnancy are more likely to deliver baby girls. The scientists report that they don’t know if pre-pregnancy blood pressure causes conditions in the body that result in a greater likelihood of one sex over another. Also, they aren't sure if blood pressure is an indicator of other conditions that result in the greater likelihood of having a boy or girl.

There’s still a lot to learn about why an individual ends up with a baby boy or girl. However, science is rapidly developing and scientists hope to have more answers in the coming years! 

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Did you try any of the gender predictors while you were pregnant, or stick with the tried and true methods? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Scientists Have a New Way to Predict Whether You’ll Have a Boy or Girl

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