Samantha Harris is Teaching Her Children about The Importance of Giving Back

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You may recognize Samantha Harris as the former host for the popular show Dancing with the Stars, but she also recently lent her fame to a program she feels passionate about: Fruit For All. The program is a partnership with Feeding America and Juicy Juice; the goal is to donate 35 million pieces of fruit to the families that are helped by the Feeding America program. While telling People about the new project in a blog post, she also explained how she is trying to teach her two daughters that it is important to give back to the community by helping families who cannot provide enough food for their tables. She said, “I usually bring my daughter Josselyn – she’s 4½ now – because it’s important to me to that she sees that not everyone has an abundance of food and resources. Together, we sort, box and repackage donated food to be directed where it is needed most.” She went on to say how her daughter brought books one day to the food pantry they were working at to give to the children waiting with their families. Her daughter was happy to see them enjoying the books.

I think teaching our children charity is a very important thing. It is something that I work with my kids on when given the chance, even if it is giving change to a homeless man on the street corner. After reading about what Samantha Harris is doing I have resolved to get my kids involved in an even more tangible way. I want them to learn that not everyone is as blessed as we are and it is important to support those who need it in our community.

What do you do to teach your children charity?

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Samantha Harris is Teaching Her Children about The Importance of Giving Back

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  1. Profile photo of Alison Alison says:

    I read about this great site It’s a win-win situation it’s an online party invitation site that your guests donate money to- half goes to one of the listed charities on their website and the other half goes to getting your child presents of thier choice. My son who is 3 does not need a bunch of presents at his birthday party it took us a year to go through/play with everything from his two year old birthday party. We are donating this year to A Little Bit of Hope and then purchasing a train table and Nick Dance game for the Kinect/XBox 360 with the half of the money that is raised for my son.

  2. Profile photo of farrah farrah says:

    Starting this Christmas our family is going to donate all the old toys my son does not play with anymore to children that is less fortunate. He is only 2 but I want to start this tradition with him so he can learn the importance of helping others.


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