Check Out These Safety Tips Before Purchasing Toddler Toys

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Toys are a lot of fun for both kids and adults, but they are also a huge part of our development as children. Through play and game, kids develop creativity, reasoning, learn how to quantify, and get a better grasp of the surrounding world. Even more, toys are a fantastic way to create powerful bonds between children and parents.

However, without careful supervision and a well-designed selection process, toys can also be a danger to our kids. After all, each year, many kids go to hospital departments for toy-related accidents. Babies and toddlers are the most affected since they tend to taste everything so the risk of choking is higher for those age groups.

To make sure that no mother will ever have to rush her toddler to the emergency room because of a toy, I put together a small guide to help you in choosing the best toddler toys. Still, keep in mind that these are general rules and kids still need to be supervised while playing! 

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Make sure toys are age-appropriate

Manufacturers are required to mark the recommended age for every toy they sell, so make sure to follow these indications. However, you should also consider your kid’s abilities and level of maturity. For instance, toys that have projectiles (squirt guns, darts, and more) are generally not appropriate for a toddler.

I also strongly suggest avoiding toys that have small parts – for toddlers, the choking hazard is very high!

Always choose high-quality toys

I know that if you pass down one toy from one kid to another, you can save some money. Still, old or used toys can have loose parts or they can break easily in the hands of a toddler. So, before you pass down a toy from the elder siblings or decide to buy one from a garage sale, make sure it is well-made. Check for ribbons, buttons, beads, and more small parts that can become loose.

Choose big toys

Toddlers need big toys with parts that can’t be chewed or swallowed. Sometimes thinking bigger – for example, an RC toy, like the ones reviewed on RC Rank car, is a great idea. The commands are not too complicated and you can have the opportunity to play together. It will be a great moment to work on the child-parent bond and have some fun with your kid.

Skip Big Stuffed Animals or Balloons

Both are tons of fun. But for toddlers, they can be choking hazards. Stuffed animals may have eyes or noses that can detach and be swallowed and balloons are a particularly risky culprit for toy-related injuries – when they are swallowed they can form a tight seal and block the airways.


Still, if you do decide to go with a stuffed animal, make sure it’s washable. Toddlers put everything in their mouth and you don’t want a dirty toy for your child.

Check the Paint

If you buy a painted toy, make sure the paint is lead-free. Also, any art materials (like play dough) should be nontoxic or, even better, homemade. Finally, if you decide on crayons, check for the ASTM D-4236 inscription on the package. This means they've been evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials and they are safe if they were to be ingested by a small child. 

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How do you choose your toddler toys?

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