Romance is in the Air! Check Out How These Moms Met Their Match

My husband and I met nine years ago this July, at a music festival in middle-of-nowhere Michigan. I was living in Seattle at the time, while he lived in Denver, which is where we now both call home. We both went to the festival for the music, having no interest in being in a relationship at the time. Isn't that when these things always happen? We connected deeply and quickly and dated long distance for eight months before I made the move. The rest is history!

Who doesn't love love stories? I was curious to hear how other moms had met their match. Here is what they shared:

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Holly S. Well, I met my husband when I was 16 and I first saw (and fell in love with) him for only a few seconds but I never forgot his face or his beautiful eyes. I had only lived in Florida for a few weeks and had like three friends so I went and told my friends about the boy in the back of the car with the beautiful blue eyes. I swore that I would find him and marry him and they just laughed! About a month later my friend April invited me over to her house for dinner and I said ok I'd love to. So after walking in and meeting her parents, she asked if I'd like to meet her brother and I said of course! She yelled “Isaac!!” And out walked the boy from the back of the car!!!! My jaw hit the floor and when I told my friend that he was the boy I was telling them about she said, “Well it was meant to be.” We have been together ever since that day! Almost 14 years I have loved the boy with the beautiful blue eyes! We are expecting our third child in September!

Christina B. My husband and I met when we were teens at the local fair. He gave me a ride home that night and called me to make sure I got in okay and that I wasn't in trouble for getting home a little late. June will be 14 years married, August will be 17 years together!

Sara L. We met in Huntington Beach, California. He asked me for directions at 1 a.m. on the street, then we went for a drink, him and his friends, me and mine. He was living in Phoenix after just moving there from Dallas. I lived in Canada. We kept in touch and dated long-distance for close to a year and then we got married in Vegas. We have been married for 11 years and I became an American citizen in January. We each brought a son into the relationship and now we also have two daughters. 

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Jacquelyn V. I met my hubby in elementary school. We knew each other for many years, he was one of my best friends longest boyfriends in middle school and into high school, then we stayed friends after high school, and he moved in next door while we were both going through separations/divorce, and we began dating. Been the best decision ever.

Danielle P. We met on Myspace. I had a post saying I had a cold and he asked if I had someone there to take care of me. I told him no and he said if he was there, he'd be bringing me soup and orange juice in bed. He lived in Charleston and I lived on the other side of South Carolina. We've been together for seven years now!

Cyndi A. I met my match in 7th-grade art class. Been together ever since. 16 years total, 12 married.

Desiree L. We met during a deployment to Iraq. Came home, got engaged, then married. Been married now almost nine years and three kids! 

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Kari B. We met originally in elementary school but didn't really hang out or date until after we were both out of school. And now happily married almost three years with two beautiful children!

Trish B. I was set up by longtime family friends. I had moved to FL from up north and I met him the first time I was here at their house. I was a hot mess from driving all day and he comes in all dressed nice. I wanted to crawl under the couch. Lol. We went out for Starbucks and he put gas in my car. We started dating, got engaged four months later, married nine months after that. We celebrate 13 years this year and have four amazing children!

Natalie S. My hubby and I met at a college party through mutual friends. He was the center of attention in a crowd of people and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. We got introduced and clicked immediately. At some point, the party ran out of ice, and he volunteered to go get some. He asked (looking directly at me) if anyone wanted to come with him to get ice. In my mind, I played it totally cool and let a long pause go by so that anyone else could jump in before I said I'd go. But all of our friends say that he asked if anyone wanted to go with him and I jumped up and said, “Me! I'll go!” We met in January and got married in September of that same year. Now we've been together/married for 11 years!

How did you meet your match? Share in the comments!

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Romance is in the Air! Check Out How These Moms Met Their Match

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