Check Out These Parent Recommended Potty Training Products

potty training products
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The idea of potty training can be an exciting time for parents. The prospect of leaving the house without a diaper bag, breezing right past the diaper aisle, and ushering your kiddo towards more independence can be downright thrilling. The process of potty training though can be far less thrilling. Whether you’re just starting out potty training or are nearing the finish line, check out the parent-recommended potty training products below!

A Personal Potty

Many toddlers and young kids are intimidated by the potty they see in the bathroom. Help them feel more comfortable by offering them a just-their-size place to go. The Summer Infant Lil Loo Potty is a hit for many

A Mini-Urinal

Do you have a little boy who prefers to stand up to pee instead of sitting down? A mini urinal like the Little Tikes Whale Urinal allows little boys the opportunity to practice their aim. 

Toilet Wipes for Public Toilets

Toilet training on the go is tough. When you’re little one has to go in public, the idea of them sitting on a public toilet seat can stress you out. Consider bringing along some toilet seat wipes to ensure your little one's tush is landing somewhere clean. 

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A Car Seat Protector

Whether you make the leap to undies right away or ease in with pull-ups, some accidents are to be expected. Most accidents are easy to clean up. But an accident in the car seat can create some real logistical challenges. Consider investing in a car seat liner that’s been approved for safe use. It will save you the stress of worrying about a car seat accident.


When you’re ready for your kiddo to potty train but they’re not quite feeling it, a small incentive may help them get excited to go. Most parents know what their kiddo likes best. Adding the reward of a small sticker or an M&M or might just be the key to potty training success. 

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Check Out These Parent Recommended Potty Training Products

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