Real Strategies for Making Your Baby’s Baby Book a Reality

Many parents have the best of intentions to create a detailed baby book for their little one. But then real life gets in the way. Later, these parents may regret never getting the baby-book done. Here are some strategies for keeping on track to creating a book documenting your baby's first year.  

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  • Keep it simple: Some parents have grandiose plans to record every second of their new baby's life. By doing so, especially if you are past your first baby, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Plan on recording the most important milestones with some special memories thrown in. Take the pressure off and you will have a much better shot at success. Instead of thinking about the baby book every day, do it monthly by setting aside a day at the end of the month to take a monthly photo and write down the major milestones from that month, such as the first tooth or first smile.  

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  • There's an app for that: Don't trust yourself to stick to a schedule? Try an app like queepsake. Every day you are sent a text message asking you a question about your child. You also have the ability to add photos and enter milestones. When you are ready, print a book with all of your entries and you will have a baby-book made completely from your phone. Another option? Use a Google calendar or other online calendar to enter milestones and memories. Give special family members or caregivers access to the calendar so they can make entries too. Make time to update the baby-book at the end of each month.


  • Get the whole family involved: Try involving family members to make it fun and keep yourself accountable. One way to kick off the baby-book is to get friends and family to take a photo of a place the day your baby was born. We're not talking selfies here. We mean everyday places. For example, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and kitchens change in appearance over the years. It will be fun to have pictures of what the world looked like the day your little one was born. Ask friends and family to save receipts and newspapers from the day as well as a reminder of what things cost and what was going on the day your baby was born. If you are going to continue to make books for your child after the first year make the same request annually on your child's birthday.  


  • Create a picture folder: Chances are you take a lot of photos with your phone.  Make a folder and save the best ones in a folder to print monthly or at the end of the year.  Be sure to back-up often! If you use a “real” camera or have professional photos take, create a folder on your computer as well. Save only the best so you are not overwhelmed with picking out photos for the baby book later.

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  • Create an easy place for notes: Create an easy place, either digitally or physically (like a notebook), that's easy to access. Here, you can jot down things you would like to include in the baby book. These can range from cute things your baby does to major world events. Without the pressure of having to put everything in the baby-book right away, you will have a better chance of having a great book done at the end of the year.  

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Real Strategies for Making Your Baby’s Baby Book a Reality

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