Real Parents Talk: The New Year’s Resolutions Your Mom Friends are Making This Year

When the hustle and bustle of the holiday season passes, it can be tempting to hunker down and sleep until spring arrives. Instead of letting the first few months of the year pass you by, make a few parenting resolutions on New Year's Eve and commit to keeping them. Check out the list below for a few ideas of fantastic parenting resolutions to keep in the new year!

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Play more

As a parent, you’re probably used to fitting 30 hours worth of work into a single day. You cook, you clean, and you make sure that your kids are getting what they need. While you probably don’t have the time in your day to add in a few hours of play, you can look for ways you can integrate play into your day. When you’re doing chores, play guessing games or tell riddles to your child. When you’re giving them their bath, help them reenact a big storm with their boats or a fish with their washcloth. Little moments of play can help you relax and can positively impact your relationship with your child. 

Say yes when you can

When you’re a parent, you have to say no a lot. You can’t let your child play in the street or give their baby brother a bath or color on the cat but all the “nos” can start to feel really unfriendly. In the new year, commit to saying “yes” to your child whenever you can. Before you let a “no” escape your lips, check yourself and rethink whether you can actually let your kiddo do or have what they're requesting. 

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Take a deep breath

This New Year, consider making a resolution to take a deep breath whenever you feel your temperature rising. The next time you feel yourself on the edge of losing it, take a long deep breath and think about how you want to respond. Taking the time to think before you respond sets a great example for your child and will give you the opportunity to be intentional with your response.

Be gentle with yourself

When your child makes a mistake, you likely give them some support and encourage them to keep trying. When you make a mistake though it can be much harder to support and encourage yourself. In the new year, commit to being gentle with yourself and feeling confident that you’re doing the very best you can. 

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Do you have any New Year's resolutions you plan on making this year? Share in the comments!

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Real Parents Talk: The New Year’s Resolutions Your Mom Friends are Making This Year

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