Real Moms Share Their Biggest Surprises About Their Postpartum Bodies

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During the last few weeks of pregnancy, many moms spend a lot of time thinking about how great it will feel to finally have their body back. No more kicks to the ribs, middle of the night bathroom trips, or shirts that simply won’t cover their belly. What many moms don't realize is that their postpartum bodies may hold some serious surprises. We checked in with real moms to see what their biggest surprises were around their postpartum bodies. Check out their responses below! 

Amy: I ended up with an emergency c-section and was surprised how quickly my body bounced back so that I could care for my son. 

Christi: I was surprised that it took me over a month to sit without terrible pain. I didn’t know recovery would be so painful! 

Jessica: I was surprised that my self-esteem went way up! I had a renewed appreciation for what my body could do.  

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Diana: I miss my boobs! I was surprised that my boobs disappeared after nursing- they used to be amazing before! 

Nora: I was surprised that my menstrual cycle has been different. My cramps are way worse than they were before I had my baby and my cycle is longer. 

Rachel: I was surprised that I’ve developed bladder problems after having my babies, it’s a bummer. 

Delasia: I was surprised how beautiful I still feel. Even though my body is different I love it so much! 

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Lauren: The biggest surprise I’ve experienced about my postpartum body is how little I now care about how it looks. I grew a child inside me and had a natural birth with no pain relief. My body is capable of so much and is so strong, amazing and capable! 

Emily: I was surprised that when my milk came in it literally poured like a faucet. I was also surprised that I felt so amazing and powerful and energetic after giving birth.

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Real Moms Share Their Biggest Surprises About Their Postpartum Bodies

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