Calling All Moms: Did You Deliver on Your Due Date?

Due dates give us a general idea of when a baby will be born, but so many things can affect when your little bundle of joy actually arrives! We decided to ask real moms about their experiences. Did your baby arrive early, late, or on your due date? If you've had more than one child, did they follow suit? These are some of the questions we asked the moms in our EF Facebook audience. Here are some of their responses!

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Natalie S. My water broke the day before my due date and my son was born midday on my due date, 40 weeks exactly! We very much appreciated his punctuality (although mommy was starving by the time he was actually born!)

Gol D. Literally 2 hours after you posted this I had baby #6, at 37 weeks. I had my first 2 at approximately 42 weeks. Baby #3 came at 38 weeks, Baby #4 at 37 weeks, Baby #5 at 38 weeks and now Baby #6 who graced us with her presence at 37 weeks. We are very blessed!

Elisa K. My first 3 children were 2 weeks early. And I was induced on all 3 of them. My 4th child was born 9 weeks early. In fact she was born 2 days ago. She's the only one that my water broke on its own.

Amanda D. First was 8 days late and had to be induced. Second, was induced a few days early. ‪Third, induced right around my due date. ‪Fourth was induced on my due date. I wish I could go into labor on my own, but I'll be willing to bet my munchkin #5 will follow along with his siblings and have to be evicted. We will find out soon.

Bethany S. My daughter was born on her due date. My doctor tried to move her due date from the 9th to the 12th, but I told him she would be here on the 9th (the original due date). Sure enough, she was. I love my honeymoon baby!

Marsha K. First child was born at 36w5d, vaginal delivery no drugs. Second was born at 34w1d via emergency c-section. Third child was a one-week early, planned c-section, received progesterone shots to help reduce the possibility of his arriving really. Currently pregnant with identical twin girls … Nine weeks left until our 37wk due date. 

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Jeanette H. My first was induced on my due date due to there not being a suitable amount of fluid and I had him the next morning, vaginally. My second was breech and, having failed to flip her, I had a c-section at exactly 39 weeks. Both are very happy and healthy little angles!

‪Loanda B. My son was born almost 10 weeks early, at 30 weeks 6 days. Pretty scary for a first time mom, but I'm so blessed everything went well and he was born perfectly healthy – no health problems at all! He was ready to meet mom, he was just very tiny (2lbs 4oz).

Lisa G. My first was born on her exact due date, my second was almost four weeks early, the next two babies were two weeks early, and the fifth one was four days early. I was never induced, all were natural, and I had to have my water broken each time. My fourth one was over 30 hours of labor!

Kristi A. My son was born 10 days late and I had to be induced. Once the doctor broke my water and started the pitocin, I was only in labor for four hours before he came out. Pushed for 20 minutes. It was a pretty easy delivery for being my first.

Stephanie G. My daughter was two-and-a-half hours late, my first son was born a month early, and my last three sons were all a week early. Ironically, my daughter is the only kid ready to go on time, I'm forever waiting on my boys!

Lindsay S. My first was born on her due date. My second was born at 34 weeks BUT I had placenta previa and he was delivered by emergency c-section. I’m currently pregnant with my third baby and I am 37 weeks along.

Diana W. I only have one and he came right on his due date. His due date was March 18th. And midnight on the 18th my contractions started and he was born by 2:00 pm that same day. He was determined to get out!

Kristina P. My first was five days late. With my second, I went into labor on my due date but he was born the day after. My third I was induced two weeks early because of complications.

Dinah C. My first one was on time, all on her own. Baby #2 was two days late, which is crazy and a miracle because I was put on bed rest for preterm labor for 16 weeks. No one thought that he would make it to his due date, and he ended up being late! 

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Wow! Reading all these stories really drives home the point that every delivery is unique and amazing! Did you deliver on your due date?

What do you think?

Calling All Moms: Did You Deliver on Your Due Date?

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  1. Amanda says:

    While my first was a planned cesarean, only one of mine was actually born on the “due date”. The other four were all considered “late”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one wasn’t “late” as well.


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