Real Moms Share Pictures of Their Baby’s First Snow

Seeing snow for the first time is magical. Do you have a picture of the first time your baby saw snow? We asked real moms to share their baby's first snow pictures with us, and they are too cute!

first snow
Image via Facebook/Alana

Alana: She loved it! She was 9 months old!

first snow
Image via Facebook/Chrissy

Chrissy: We live in the South so we rushed outside to see it falling just as it started because there was no telling if it was going to last! This was in March of this year. The week before and the week after she was in short sleeves!

first snow
Image via Facebook/Letticia

Letticia: Absolutely enthralled with the snow at 5 months old!

first snow
Image via Facebook/Caley

Caley: She was just over a year old.

first snow
Image via Facebook/Kindra

Kindra: I loved the look of wonder on Owen’s face as he watched the snow fall. One of my fave pics of all time.

first snow
Image via Facebook/Valorie

Valorie: Right at a year old.

first snow
Image via Facebook/Charlie

Charlie: He was almost a year old and he did NOT like it!

Image via Facebook/Sarah

Sarah: Love love love

first snow
Image via Facebook/Ashley

Ashley: Such a cutie!


first snow
Image via Natalie S.

Natalie: Henry was four months old for his first snow. He loved the snow, but he hated the wind! We went back inside after a few pictures.

How did your baby like their first snow? Was it a fun experience, or did you rush back inside to snuggle?

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Real Moms Share Pictures of Their Baby’s First Snow

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