Quick & Nutritious Ideas for Back-to-School Meals

quick-and-easy-meal-ideas-back-to-schoolI love cooking from scratch, but when school starts up and we have homework, activities, and early bedtimes, it can be tough to get something homemade, nutritious, and not too time consuming onto the table. This goes for breakfast, lunch (since my girls often pack), and dinner.

The following are a few of our favorite dishes that are quick to make, delicious to eat, and inexpensive to put together. Bon appetit!


When I make scrambled eggs, I make a lot and use them for a few days, so I don’t have to cook them each morning. These are a few of our favorites which make use of the scrambled eggs. 

Breakfast burritos – We use whole wheat tortilla shells, cheese, and sour cream. My youngest also adds some salsa on top. The girls like sausage, so I purchase the natural turkey sausage and cook several links of these when I prepare the large batch of scrambled eggs.

Breakfast sandwiches – Both girls love scrambled egg sandwiches; I top them with a slice of cheese. Since the eggs are prepared in advance, this meal takes no time to heat up and serve on busy school mornings.

Egg bake – Looking for a new egg dish to try? Place the scrambled eggs in muffin tins, top with sprinkled cheddar cheese. Add some diced up sausage. Bake for five minutes or so, until the cheese has melted and eggs have heated. Since everything has been cooked in advance, it just needs to be warmed up.


Make-your-own pizza –  Use a whole wheat tortilla, a small container of tomato sauce, and a small container of cheese. To up the protein serving, we might include scrambled breakfast sausage to add as a topping, hummus and carrot sticks, or a hardboiled egg.  

Tacos – My kids love tacos. I don't like all the sodium in the mix, so I make my own spices, and then I make enough to send to school for lunch. Send the following in different containers: meat, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa. I send scooping tortilla chips as the ‘shells' and let the girls build their own taco.


Soups are a wonderful option for dinner. They are typically inexpensive, last a few nights, and can be sent to school in a thermos with a side of fresh fruit for a nutritious and warm lunch.

Minestrone – (pasta, veggies of your liking, a can of diced tomatos, and a container of stock) is an easy soup that takes just a short time to prepare. To make it easier, use frozen veggies. I also like to add some potatoes, and at times I’ll use rice instead of pasta for a different consistency. Pair with a grilled cheese sandwich and you have a quick and easy dinner on busy nights when you don’t have time to cook. (I always make more so we have it for leftovers one night and lunch one day.)

Chicken noodle – I make this often with leftover chicken and leftover veggies. Add stock/broth, noodles or rice and a can of beans.

What are your go to meals once school starts up again? Do you cook in bulk, or make new meals each night?


What do you think?

Quick & Nutritious Ideas for Back-to-School Meals

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    These are great. Indeed I am running out of ideas on what to prepare for breakfast and dinner!


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