Read Here to Help Prevent These Common Summertime Injuries

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For lots of families, summertime is special. With kids on break from school and fun things on the calendar, it can be a time of relaxation and family bonding. Summer also brings a unique set of risks and dangers. This summer, as you plan for family fun, check out the list below of summertime injuries and learn how you can ensure that your family stays safe!


Sunburn is both common and dangerous. While it may seem like a few extra minutes in the sun won’t do any harm, it can lead to a seriously uncomfortable burn and increase the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Prevent sunburn in your family by making sure that you apply sunscreen in the morning and throughout the day, minding your time in the sun, seeking out shade and wearing protective clothing. 

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Insect Bites

While most insect bites lead to minor itching and skin irritation, some can be more dangerous. Ticks and mosquitoes are both potential carriers for disease and can cause serious illness. Protect yourself and your family from insect bites by wearing long-sleeved clothing and insect repellent, ensuring that there is no standing water near your home (it can serve as a breeding ground for insects) and checking for ticks at the end of a day outside.

Water-Related Injuries

While lakes, pools, rivers and the ocean can be serious fun, they also require parents to be vigilant observers. Drowning is a leading cause of death among young children. Drowning can be prevented by ensuring that kids do not have access to water, making sure that pools or other residential bodies of water are gated, and by assigning a designated observer who will keep an undistracted eye on the water. 

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Bike Injuries

Most kids (and lots of adults!) love riding bikes. To ensure bike safety you should require that helmets are worn at all times. And ride on the sidewalk or a designated bike lane. Keep summer fun by keeping summer safe!

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Read Here to Help Prevent These Common Summertime Injuries

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