Preteens Getting Bikini Waxes? I Don’t Think So!

Preteens Getting Bikini Waxes? I Don’t Think So! Picture

Go ahead and call me old-fashioned, because I can’t seem to get on board with this new trend: letting your preteen get a bikini wax! Uni K Wax Center has an ad running for the month of July offering a 50 percent discount on all waxing services for young teens. To qualify for this deal, customers must be 15 and younger.

What would you do if you overheard a mother speaking about her 8-yr-old daughter, wondering if she should “start taking her to have her legs waxed,” because her daughter had “sprouted dark fuzz all over her legs and it’s highly noticeable”?

These salons are stepping forward and admitting that during the summer months nearly half of their clients are under the age of 16 (they want to de-hair their bodies before heading to summer camp!!!).

Here is a quote from Carol Dolgon-Krutolow, the mother of a 12-year-old daughter, who supported her daughter’s decision to get a bikini wax:  “She was very adamant, you know, and she’s becoming a woman. She’s very concerned about how she looks and it’s important that I listen to her.”

Well, that’s nice. All 12-year-old girls should be considered almost women.  Maybe they can consider becoming sexually active, too, at 12 years, you know, because they are almost women. Maybe 8-year-old girls should start wearing booty shorts to show off their freshly waxed legs. Heck, let’s throw on some lipstick and mascara too, while we are at it. But the main point here is that THEY WON'T GET MADE FUN OF AT SCHOOL, OR AT SUMMER CAMP, FOR THEIR HAIRY LEGS. What a relief!

I understand that a lot of children will develop hairy upper lips, fuzzy legs, and unibrows. This will be embarrassing – I know. Will they get made fun of by the other kids? Well, of course! Because everyone else is letting their kids wax and primp already! We are so worried about the fact that “girls are maturing at an earlier age; our daughters and granddaughters at 11 look like we did at 14 and 15.”

That’s because we are letting them look, at 11, the way we did at 14 and 15!

I want to ensure my daughter’s comfort as she matures and grows. I will do my best to protect her from all embarrassment, as well as the ridicule of other children. I will also ensure that my daughter has a childhood to enjoy and remember. Let’s let our children be children.

What do you think? Are you on board with this latest trend? Or will you stay old-fashioned, like me?

What do you think?

Preteens Getting Bikini Waxes? I Don’t Think So!

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  1. I don’t know. Kids get teased by all kinds of things. If they don’t get teased because they have hairy legs, children will just find something else to tease the child about.

  2. Profile photo of MOMMY MOMMY says:


  3. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Your tone sounds really angry. Bluntly, having been a public school teacher, I think you sound exactly like the parent of the bully at a parent-teacher conference. I’m surprised at the jump you make from waxing hair to having sex. As a journalist, I’d think you’d be more balanced. Ironic. I was the little girl who had thick, wiry "man-hair" on my arms, legs, face, private parts, etc., I was a cheerleader and some of those body parts showed. I can tell you that it’s not fun to be made fun of. It’s really damaging for a girl who LOVES being a girl to be told what an old man she is. And this isn’t "hormonal" or early. It runs in my family. I started shaving at 12. I got my first bikini wax at that age by an aesthetician who taught me how to properly care for my skin. Should my daughter have the same hair issue, I will do exactly the same thing my mom did.

  4. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    I was one of those girls Nicole mentioned, I wore swim shorts and was asked for a Kleenex all of the time.

    I think the fact that we make hair and other natural facts of life "gross" as a society makes life in general more miserable for all. It would be nice for less pressure in general to be placed on the younger group and more acceptance of who they are, embrace the weirdness that is going on for them biologically…there is nothing wrong with a little hair and there is nothing wrong with loving the way you are. It’s more important to teach your children, in this case girls, to be strong and don’t let them take what others say to heart. Who cares? Truly, who gives a crap what others think? I love that it’s trendy to teach your child to be strong and care about themselves as a person one minute and then tell them they need to look a certain way so they won’t be made fun of by little brats the next.

  5. Profile photo of AprilCorbo AprilCorbo says:

    you could have picked a better picture, but agree with the article.

  6. Profile photo of cookie76 cookie76 says:

    If anyone is to blame, it the parents who allow this. The stores offering this are despicable as well, but are just out to make a buck like any business. If parents didn’t allow their little girls to get waxed, the businesses wouldn’t offer the service. The parents need to also limit their own TV viewing. So many of the shows on TV these days are just about Drama and Appearance and I think it’s taking our society down a bad path, making it more acceptable to be self centered, materialistic and shallow.

  7. Profile photo of tiffany tiffany says:

    What is alarming is the connection people draw from basic grooming to promiscuity. Most 11 year olds are shaving their legs. Waxing is no different. Your child can be taught to dress modestly, act appropriate and be well groomed at the same time.

  8. Profile photo of Nicole Nicole says:

    At 13 I had a full bush… imagine going to the pool in a swimsuit with THAT hanging out like no one was going to notice…. yah, teach your kid how to shave but frankly, girls that don’t need it aren’t going to get it obviously and girls that DO really do.

    All the moms posting how insane this is have never been a hairy adolescent girl who’s already having enough issues with having giant breasts bigger than her peers….

  9. I , myself , wont even get a wax. I can se kids around 15 and above trying it out on there lower legs, brows, and lips, but I am not going to let any one near my child’s bekini line not even thighs. Heck , Thats why i wont even get it done. They can always shave .

  10. Profile photo of Vanessa Vanessa says:

    Absolutely not! What would a 12 yars old child be doing to warrant a bikini wax anyways? when I was 12 I was worried about the pimples I was getting and having crushes on boys… The thought of waxing my bikini area was "ouch!" and "Hell No!" I think Parents really need to sensor what their children are watching, reading, or surfing on the interent and little bit better. I’m pretty sure alot these idiotic ideas children have these days come from these sources.

  11. I think the latest trend is ridiculous. What happened to kids being kids? It seems like everyone is in a big rush to make kids grow up. Life is too short already. We should just let them enjoy it and not make adulthood longer than it should be.


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