Pregnant Women Need To Avoid Receipts. Yes, Really.

Some days, it can feel hard to even keep up on all of the latest warnings and precautions for pregnant women, can't it? Soft cheese, no cheese, lunch meat, coffee is bad, coffee is kind of bad, coffee is bad again. 

Like any mother, I try to wade through the latest health information with caution–taking studies seriously that could affect my health or the health of my children, but also remembering to take it all with a grain of salt because it's enough to drive us all crazy. 

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And the latest news for pregnant women might really surprise you:

Apparently, receipts are now harmful. 

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I have heard this advice before, but kind of brushed it aside, to be honest. Who can worry about something so small as a receipt? 

The news gets a little more bizarre when I tell you that the scare over receipts originates from a study done on zebrafish, but the researchers are still really concerned about what they found.

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Since scares over BPA, many plastic products are now BPA free or use a replacement chemical, called BPS, instead and the study examined the effect of both chemicals on developing zebrafish. They found, much to their surprise, that both chemicals equally affected the developing baby fish neurologically–in really dangerous ways, even when they were only exposed to small amounts.

“These findings suggest that BPA-free products are not necessarily safe,” the researchers claimed. “Our data here, combined with over a dozen physiological and behavioral human studies that begin to point to the prenatal period as a BPA window of vulnerability, suggest that pregnant mothers limit exposure to plastics and receipts.”

 So, should you be worried? 

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Honestly, the jury is out on this one. In my mind, any chemicals have the potential to be dangerous, and if all-natural options are available, what can it hurt to be better safe than sorry? A few tips you could take during your pregnancy may limit your exposure and ease your mind are these:

  • Choose glass containers when possible for storing leftovers or drinking your daily water. 
  • Request receipts be emailed to you instead of printed. 
  • Ask cashiers to throw away the receipts for you if you don't need them. 
  • Consider wearing gloves for quick trips in the car if you will be touching receipts, and stash a trash bag in your car for easy disposal. 
  • Look into stocking up on glass bottles for your baby. Evenflo just released new classic and vented glass bottles that would be a good plastic-free option. 

Do you try to avoid plastics when you are pregnant? 


What do you think?

Pregnant Women Need To Avoid Receipts. Yes, Really.

Chaunie Brusie is a writer, mom of four, and founder of The Stay Strong Mom, a community + gift box service for moms after loss. ... More

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  1. Ariel says:

    Oh dear heavens! Seriously. Is there anything we are allowed to do/eat? And the part on glass bottles… I’m not sure how comfortable I am giving my baby glass. My son had his bottle until he switched to milk at 12 mos. He would throw it when he was finished. Even if they’re somehow “unbreakable” who’s to say it won’t break something else or injure a child from being dropped or thrown???

  2. Brittany says:

    This is just ridiculous, a scare tactic everything is bad for your these days. I say just use common sense alcohol is bad, cigarettes are bad, drugs are bad, and don’t ingest items that would be deemed inedible by the mass majority of society. I think if you follow these rules you will be fine. I hate fear mongers.

  3. Janelle says:

    I work as a retail manager and handled countless receipts a day while pregnant, yet, my kid seems to have turned out okay. I think I will need to see more definitive research before we start sounding the alarm.

  4. Melissa says:

    Out pregnant women and make it harder to have a healthy pregnancy news flash there are women living cities with high pollution levels should we just tell not to go out side since there are so many chemicals in the air ? Probably not but im sure we will be there next

  5. Melissa says:

    How about thise of us fortunate enough to work in the retail industry or customer service of some stores. Does that mean the hopes of us having normal healthy pregnancies out the window? I think not! I’m with some of the other ladies, it’s things like this that stress

  6. Teressa says:

    I think this is really getting out of control, I am honestly starting to get pissed off because I am 5 months pregnant and my fiancé is so so worried I understand he just cares about us but he is one of those over the top and drives me crazy so everytime he hears reads or told some bullshit like this he takes it to another level so again enough is enough it seems like every day it’s something new that is harmful to us pregnant women receipts now REALLY

  7. Laura says:

    Oh FFS…

    I bet you 100% those zebra fish are exposed to high amounts of the chemical daily where is us we touch the receipt for a whole of 10 seconds before it goes into either a bag or purse and gets tossed in the trash. This isn’t Cobalt people!

    And you wonder why there are so many damn high risk pregnancies now due to high BP.. with all the bull shyt we’re having to ‘worry about’ and ‘avoid’ would raises anyone’s BP! Don’t eat this, take that, get this shot! If you don’t you.. WILL… DIE!!!!!


    honestly articles like this shouldn’t even be put up, cause some over paranoid FTM is going to read this and think the world is now out to get her.

  8. Lashanta says:

    This article really did nothing but confuse me. I’m still not sure why I should avoid receipts, but I do know that BPA isn’t really dangerous…or is it? This wasn’t a very informative article.

  9. dvmsara says:

    Seriously? How much more paranoid can we get?

  10. buupiduu says:

    Honestly I wonder if the stresses of avoiding everything under the sun is more harmful than touching something that really shouldn’t be harmful but unfortunately is (like a receipt. obviously, there are worse things that you can do, and those should be actively avoided, like bleaching a floor with poor ventilation or something, but acting like you are living in a bubble and can’t touch anything can’t be good and might be pretty neurotic actually)

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