‘Pregnant Man’ Wants Fourth Child???

pregnant manI still maintain my opinion that a man could never handle being pregnant. I’ve seen what a seasonal cold can do to my husband (it knocks him flat on his manly butt). I’m really curious to see how many of you agree – so, if you’ve ever said the words, “You can complain to me after you’ve pushed a baby out of your crotch,” or something similar, this blog.

We have all heard of Thomas Beatie, known as the world’s first “Pregnant Man.” According to this article, Beatie wants to add a fourth child to his family.

“Beatie is a transgender male who preserved his female reproductive organs and gained media attention after publicly announcing his pregnancy in 2007.”

He is in the middle of a divorce from his previous partner and wife, Nancy; but this time, he is hoping the pregnancy will occur within his new girlfriend, Amber Nicholas.

“I think it would be amazing to experience pregnancy as the father … It’s even possible we could both be pregnant at the same time,” said Beatie. “Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and whoever gets there first goes through with it.”

The amazing “pregnant man” said he is willing to go through a c-section for another “bundle of joy.”

I am confused. Have we all forgotten that the only reason he can carry a pregnancy to term, or even conceive in the first place, is because he was born a she, and he decided to keep a few she inward-accessories? Have you ever heard a man say that he’d be willing to get his stomach sliced wide open to bring another “bundle of joy” into the world? Well, this man said it!

I am female. I was born female, was raised female, and have remained – and thoroughly enjoy – being female. I am not a transgender-hater. To each his own – and I mean that quite literally. It takes a lot of cojones to decide to make an inner decision, or inner truth (depending on how you look at it), an outward fact. In this world, I can imagine it is still quite difficult to outwardly live a LGBT lifestyle.

The Arizona judge assigned to Beatie’s divorce isn’t sure what to do, or think, either. “The judge has reportedly deemed the couple’s union a same-sex marriage, which is not legal in Arizona. Although Beatie was legally a male before the wedding, the judge has argued that there is no legal precedent that defines a man as someone who can get pregnant and give birth,” according to TMZ.

I understand that it is anatomically correct to call him male; he is male, with male body parts, male hormones, and male attributes. I understand it is politically correct to call him male. I get it; and I can be mature enough – human enough – to honor and respect his wishes. But, if you were to physically look inside of him, you would find his ovaries.


I know a “man being pregnant,” or a man “choosing to become pregnant” again, is pretty big news. But is it really news??

Of course he can handle being pregnant! Of course it’s enjoyable and fun, and a journey that he loves being a part of, too.

What woman doesn’t love feeling connected to her child, feeling those little legs kick out in protest, hearing the heart beat inside her belly, and watching the monitor showing her little “bundle of joy” who is full of personality before even leaving her womb. So … I just don't know what to think about this.

What do you think? What’s your opinion on the topic? Please share!


Image via huffingtonpost.com

What do you think?

‘Pregnant Man’ Wants Fourth Child???

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  1. Apolonia says:

    She a female, and is not a man. If that was a man all are husband would be pregnant. In this is very odd, and embarrassing to there children. Why do people want the spot light to much now days. They do anything for people to see them. God help this woman to see she not a man, but a woman the way you made her. Amen

  2. Candice says:

    I can honestly say that he may be a great parent but i feel bad for the children. Children have it hard enough just growing up. Unless you were the person who was part of the popular crowd you know that in school any difference is like blood in the water for sharks. Even the popular kids still have to deal with the issues with staying popular. I have know several gay and lesbian couples that have children that are perfectly normal and have adapted to living with parents that are quote unquote different but i believe this is a whole other realm. Its one thing to explain you have 2 moms or 2 dads but its a whole other thing to explain that your father was born a woman and is carrying your sibling. I think it is one thing to think that you should be a different gender and change it but i think it is very selfish to put your children through the same and even more ridicule. I’m in my thirties and i was raised by a single mother and am biracial. As a children i had to deal with only having 1 parent and racism. People may be more open minded than they used to but they are not that opened mined in general. I live in a diverse area that you wouldn’t think there is still racism and sexism but people have just learned to hide it better or they just say one thing in public and another in private, There are things to this day that people said to me as a child that i have never told anyone else and probably never will. All kids feel awkward and different and if they don’t have a strong figure in there life to explain to them that is OK to be different it can lead to bad things. I think this man has enough going on in his life that he would never be able to fully concentrate on just his children. He is still trying to figure out his own body and world. How can you teach your children something your not even sure about?

  3. shanakay says:

    Tbh I think Beatie had the need to be the dominant in the relationship and thought that being a man would suffice. In the interim however he knew n wanted to experience the joy of his God given sex n so kept the privilege of child bearing. This is a confused man who has a task later on in life of explaining to his child how he was the one who gave birth to them. Tsk tsk tsk poor confused child

  4. monika says:

    I find it quite frightening that some people in society can be brainwashed to believe that this is fact. This is an idividual that was born with a womb, ovaries, tubes, vagina, breast and other particulars, hence she’s a female and not a male. End of story, human always trying to push the boundaries where Gods handy work is concern but no matter how hard you try a man will never be able to concieve or carry a child. A decree was already established by God that only female can carry a baby and no man on this face of the earth can change it.

  5. Angelia says:

    As a transgender male he cannot make a pregnancy happen for his female partner because he doesn’t have sperm to do so. If he had not kept his internal organs then he would not have had his own biological children. As long as the kids are happy and healthy with loving parents what’s the big deal. I’m a Southern Baptist and I don’t see this as a bad thing. If he abused the children or was an unfit druggie or alcoholic then yes it would be an atrocity. There are so many people out there who should never be able to have children and do. I would love to be able to carry a child but that doesn’t look likely because of my chronic illness. Stop judging people just because of your prejudices and ignorance.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I have to say, religious beliefs aside, this is pretty dumb. This person might feel like a man born with the wrong genitals, but by keeping her female organs she is still a female, regardless of what she calls herself. If she wants to be a “daddy” more power to get, but stop sensationalizing a natural process that women go through every single day as though it’s some kind of impossible feat that she accomplished. THe fact is that she is female with female organs, who is capitalizing on her PARTIAL gender change to get money and fame, rather than simply accepting who she is and quietly having a family like most other transgender people.

    • Stephanie says:

      P.s., it’s pretty insensitive of her, I knew a few transgender women who would SORE getting pregnant and having a baby, but they can’t, regardless of the gender change. It’s not fair that she is flaunting her dual gender in their faces. Pick a gender and stick with it

  7. Jessica says:

    A man has a penis. This “man” does not; thus he is really a she. I have no problem with transgenders. More power to a person to become who they felt they are suppose to be. However, only completing half the process and calling yourself something that you are not is lying.

  8. I dont consider that person a male because that person is a Female!! End of story, she is a pregnant female! Going through the same stages of pregnancy that we all women go through! God bless every women that have the opportunity to have this gift of conceiving a baby! =)

  9. keisha says:

    I know that this “man” was born a female. She had a sex change but not completely! Someone is getting “loving” from someone else, don’t you think? God clearly made woman to conceive a child NOT MAN! Once again man kind is doing what they want to do and totally ignoring the bible just to accommodate what we want, to make it seem like what we’re doing is okay because of what the world does, follow. And with this following just to get approval to make the things they do seem okay they are worshipping Satan. This is clearly of Satan! That’s why it’s good to follow God’s word and be about making it better for our own selves. Besides, that’s who we’re responsible for and for children because they are going to do what we do! So teach them our Fathers word. You can’t serve God and Satan, so think wise!

  10. Ivy says:

    I think its wonderful that this person made decisions in his/her life regardless of what others say or believe. It takes confidence in one self to stay strong when others just want to make your life hell. I say way to go! Though this person was born female and thats why he is able to conceive and grow a child, for her/him to raise it as a father because thats who she/he feels they will be is awesome. Im sure their family will do just fine. Now if people mind their business and allow this family to live their life instead of discriminating them would help cuz those children don’t need to grow up with that.

  11. neeko says:

    So I have scrolled and read every comment and its astonishingly clear that most of the woman here dont hate him because hes pregnant there all angry because thats just one more thing on the list of shit woman like to throw at men im a guy I have 2 kids heres the thing some of you say men cant handle the pain well girls I have crones feels like my insides are torn around with an ice pick EVERYDAY not sometimes all day everyday I even bleed so men can handle it if you say otherwise google crones go see that our pain scale is at a solid 8 most of the time woman and men deal with this also to say a man wouldnt please give me all the parts of a woman I would love to feel the kick the heart beat I would gladly give birth as a man so way to go and to all you god fearing woman who say this is a sin prove it prove to me not on paper I want proof that you go to heaven or hell or rott in the ground you cant none of it gods laws god himself none of this can be proven with face to face facts so keep it to yourself he made a choice to be a man and keep some aspects of a woman but still is now a man way to go buddy have all the joy fun and painful moments alot of us men wish we could know and feel

  12. Erika says:

    You only get one life, one chance to do whatever it is you want to do in this world. I say its not wrong for anyone to make the best of it.

  13. Akiva says:

    That is ridiculous!

  14. Ondrea says:

    Honestly, good for him for wanting a family! Man, woman or indifferent. Many children are born to unloving families in this world, leave this person to raise his children lovingly, the only reason its a big article is because its not societies idea of “normal” if the pregnancy doesnt cause harm to him or the baby then let him be, hes proud of who he is and what he is shouldnt matter. Its not our lives to determine. GOOD FOR YOU THOMAS!

  15. If men were supposed to have babies then god wouldn’t have created women. It’s unnatural and wrong for “him” to have babies. “He” made a choice to be a “man” and should’ve had the tubes and eggs removed. Nuff said

  16. Francisca says:

    No man born by a woman can ever get pregnant, so they should stop calling him a man. She may be in denial by adding male organ, but then she should have removed her tubes bad the eggs as we’ll. do not let us mock God who made man to be man and woman to be woman. No one can undo God’s work no matter how much we try, that is why he is God and the omnipotent and omniscience. The almighty. Do not be confused, no man can bear a child naturally or technically. You are either a man or you are a woman, period.

  17. Andrea says:

    And I’m sorry but this picture is not appealing. It looks like a man with a serious beer belly!

    • keisha says:

      Right! It isn’t appealing at all this is making a mockery of God! How could anyone find this loving and cute????? If they think that this is ” loving” and “cute” they should stop and ask themselves just s who are they serving, God or Satan?

  18. Andrea says:

    Wow I’m almost speechless. God created men and women for a purpose and to play certain roles. Men were not built to bare children. I don’t think they can physically handle that much pain. I know my husband can’t even handle a small head cold! If she made the choice to become a lesbian then that’s the choice she made. I don’t think we should change the natural order of things to “make” ourselves a man but yet decided to still have a baby. She is trying to have the best of both worlds and it doesn’t work like that. We are not God we don’t decided our gender he does. He has a purpose as to why he created us to be either male or female. I feel like people only think about themselves. They don’t think about the children! Not only can that be confusing for them but also lead to bullying and harassing from peers. Kids can be so mean. It just makes me sad. I hope the kids don’t have to experience any cruelty. I just wish she would decided what she wants. Does she want to be a man or a woman. Make a decision and stick with it. You can have both it’s not right.

    • Juju says:

      I’m sorry but I have to comment on your post..your comment makes you comes off as somewhat uneducated. (I’m not trying to pick a fight…only voice my opinion in response to what you posted) A transgender person who is born female does not FEEL female …they feel in their heart mind body and soul that they are truly male and that they were simply given the wrong genitalia. ..so when you say “she made the choice to be a lesbian” that is not true !!!How can you be a lesbian if you are living the role of a male and you are attracted to females??!!HE is a he who just happened to be born female. Therefore he is considered straight. I do agree however that if he wants to be accepted as a man then yes he should have also had his abilty to carry child in utero done away with as well. I also have an opinion on the child being bullied issue…a child who is bullied is not bullied because of his or her circumstances appearance or behavior. ..they are bullied because the bullies parents were not good enough role models or parents. ..we as parents need to teach our children tolerance acceptance and love ..I do not feel that the child or children of this transgender man are at a higher risk for being bullied simply because if they were born into a traditional family the child who is a bully would just be bullying them for some other reason. I hope you didn’t take offense to this it is just my opinion which I have a right to …it doesn’t mean that either of us is right or wrong. .they are just individual thoughts 🙂

      • keisha says:

        It’s not about what we want it’s about God, don’t you think so???? I mean imagine how this world would be if we only follow God’s word and stopped doing what we want to do! The head of a man is Jesus therefore the head of a woman is her husband! Not anything else but that! This is of Satan not God and the world is so busy serving Satan trying to please themselves that they do things like this……getting sex changes and raising children. A poo parent is responsible for teaching their children God’s word and way. This is not okay because clearly these children are going to be raised doing exactly what their parents do. The only way that’s okay to me is of I were serving Satan which I will NOT!!!!!

        • zenaida says:

          You should not speak of religion here. Not everyone believes in God or Satan. If this story affects you so much, don’t follow it. They are happy, that’s all that matters. Who are you to judge?

  19. I think if that is what he wants, it’s his choice! He must be a good father/mother. After all they say this will be his fourth!!! Let people make there own choice!!!

  20. Melissa says:

    Well he techinally isn’t a man if he preserved his female parts, so this person is a woman and is getting fame and money for something a lot of us go through. This is a woman who just wants attention and cant decide wether or not she wants to be a man or what

  21. Cristin says:

    This is not a man.. So to label this as a “pregnant man” is completely false. If this person has her females reproductive organs still intact, then SHE is not a man.. If she wants to be called and considered a man, no problem, but this article totally bogus. This is a woman who prefers to be considered a man having a baby!

  22. Erica says:

    Its possible for that person top bear a child only because of the reproductive system that he kept but look into any man and you will see that they don’t have ovaries and a penis..so I don’t believe that he really wanted to be a man that person sounds confused and just wanted top keep that option open of changing back of desired

  23. bethchandra says:

    Are you all really that narrow minded? yes anatomically he was born a woman and technically cannot be called a “pregnant man” scientifically….yet. But what about those born with both sexual reproductive organs?How does/would any of you guys so called arguments stand up then? He wants a child like many do and has the ability to do so if he chooses And can call himself a man as well because to the child he will be his father not his mother! and that is all that matters.

    • inanna says:

      Scientifically speaking a person born with both male and female parts is a hermaphrodite and they are typically steril like xxy and xxx which is called klinfelters symdrom.

  24. Kirk says:

    If it is able to bear children it is not a man…to suggest otherwise is insanity of the highest order


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