Pregnancy: It’s Not Always Pretty.

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I’ll admit it—there’s just something about a pregnant woman that I think is so beautiful. The mystery surrounding her, the fact that everywhere she goes, she is literally carrying a secret, a superwoman ability to grow another person.

But when you’re the pregnant woman, sometimes, the last thing you feel is pretty.

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about pregnancy that makes me feel decidedly unpretty. 

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It could be the constant nauseous feeling—you know the one that is so tortuous, you wish you could just puke and get it over with? Except that when you do puke, it’s never a relief? Ugh. As Kathleen Reed comments, “It’s kind of gross, but you actually get “used” to puking.” It’s so true. I remember planning my meals precisely on what would be the easiest to puke up. Mashed potatoes are always a good choice.

Or it might be the extreme clumsiness that has seemingly taken over your body. I once knocked over an entire display of sunglasses at a store in my first trimester. It felt like an out-of-body experience as I watched with wonder as my hands fumbled in front of me…

Perhaps some of the lesser-known parts of pregnancy were a surprise to you, like the hot flashes “all the time and all night long” that Jenny Erwin experienced. Call me crazy, but the sight of my breasts were a shock to me too—I heard there would be some growth in the chest area, but I was not expecting Amazon-like boobs that I worried would scare my husband away forever. 

Or maybe it’s the varicose veins that pop up delightfully along your legs, threatening to turn you into a shockingly early 90-year-old version of yourself.

And then there’s my personal favorite, the pregnancy gas. Yes, ok, I’m admitting to it. I get pregnancy gas. I will blame it on the person squishing my insides or my slowed digestion from the fact that my uterus is taking over my intestines, but there it is.  Pretty sure the “pregnancy glow” is not meant to clear a room … 

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What part of pregnancy did you find not so pretty?


What do you think?

Pregnancy: It’s Not Always Pretty.

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  1. Kayla says:

    The horrible heartburn….and the extreme pelvic pain. Hip bone pain isn’t too sexy!

  2. tasha says:

    The getting up every hour to hobble down the stairs because your bladder just can’t wait five more minutes.

  3. pumpkin says:

    its funny i had pretty much the whole of symptoms (the extreme fatigue, mood swings, a perpetual stuffy nose, the sore boobs, round ligament pain, heartburn from 13 weeks on, im thinking ya’ll get the picture) but i think being pg was the best time in my life. i have never felt better about myself (i have always struggled with self esteem and a body image problem) and i just felt so close to my child. its funny on my due date people had asked if i was ready to be done being pg and i kept saying nope (granted in hindsight it would have been nice for him to be on time… that extra week he took is when 90% of my stretch marks came -_- ). he just celebrated his 8 month birthday and i look back at pictures when i was pg and still think that is when i looked my best. now im struggling to lose the weight (but this never ending winter is not helping… i just want to go outside for walks!) lol im quite content with my 1, but there is just that closeness when you are pg that i miss soooo much

  4. Theresa says:

    You should’ve! Think of them as your fierce momma tiger stripes! Instead of looking at them as ugly, think of them as trophies for a hard fought (and won!) battle. 🙂

  5. Theresa says:

    I feel terrible for all you ladies! The worst I had was the night sweats and heartburn every night during my third trimester. Didn’t have a single bout of morning sickness, but I did have migraines off and on for 2 weeks straight during the second trimester. I felt amazing during my pregnancy (other than the normal all-around tired feeling). Then again, I was overweight to start out and didn’t gain a pound with my son. I found out early that I had gestational diabetes, so I ate right and exercised. The day he was born I lost 30 pounds. I like to call him my little miracle weightloss plan. 🙂

  6. I didn’t vomit at all. I felt a bit queezy a time or two, but nothing bad.

    I had sciatic nerve pains from hell the last trimester, all the way through labor. I could barely even walk, and I was still working 50 hours a week which was mostly standing and walking. I limped due to it, so it looked like I waddled.

    And then heartburn toward the end, ugh.

  7. Being pregnant is no fun. Feeling fat, being awkward, etc.. But a pregnant lady glows with an extra beauty with getting ready to bring a new life into the world. What is not pretty is posting big naked bellies for everyone to see. Keep it covered.

  8. Eleni says:

    Well one of my biggest regrets is not having any pictures of my very awesome belly belly. I was so grossed out and embarrassed about my stretch marks that I just never wanted any pictures of that.

  9. mom2be#3 says:

    Well i felt a bit sexy at the beginning. Now all the veins in my breast seem to wanna break out!!!!!!

  10. neisha says:

    all the above. I never really got any pop out veins till this baby, I feel not so pretty although my boyfriend tells me im beautiful. I think hes just being nice.

  11. Stretch marks, morning sickness, enormous boobs lol. and normally i sleep on my stomach but i had to start sleeping on my side. uncomfortable. feeling the baby move is great but was sometimes also painful.

  12. Ashley says:

    OMG! I thought the stuffy nose thing was just me! My coworkers have been asking me for 3 weeks if I caught a cold! The extra post-nasal drip is also leading to a really nasty cough. Hope it goes away soon.

  13. Liz says:

    well i would have to say the stretch marks i got the last month of pregnancy I thought i wasn’t going to get them but i was wrong.. 🙁 the other was sleeping on my side because i normally sleep on my back or my belly so i couldn’t do that because that wasn’t good for the baby

  14. DMDoss77 says:

    For me the 2 most frustrating parts of this pregnancy have been a never ending stuffed up nose and really sore breasts. I am not talking about sniffles either. I mean to try to sniff in either whistles or sounds like a bull elephant trumpeting for the herd!! Thank goodness for the nose strips at least I can sleep. Then the breast pain has been beyond ridiculous. I tried cabbage leaves (suggested by MIL and even OB), ice packs, heating pads everything. They just hurt! Neither one of these were issues during my first go around, but maybe that is because it was 10 years ago. Funny how things change!

  15. Hello-kitty says:

    The feeling you get just to b so comfortable, wearing non tight cloth. not fitting into nice sexy lingerine since u have to watch what you wear so u won’t get an infection. That’s what’ makes me feel less pretty while pregnant.

  16. cjpalaska says:

    With both my pregnancies I ended up literally peeing my pants everytime I would sneeze or cough…. I have to wear pantyliners…. Not fun!

  17. dawnhaas says:

    The worst for me was the constant nausea for the first 14 weeks and the back pain and difficulty sleeping or doing anything in the third trimester. I am pregnant again and have nausea once again. I hope I don’t get the back pain again this time. Pregnancy for the most part was not fun. There were a few weeks in the middle that I kinda liked it when i could feel him moving and see his butt or foot but the rest was awful.

  18. Colleen says:

    My biggest issue was feeling nauseous all the freaking time but I never vomited. I also had hot flashes at night and restlessness. But, no matter how crappy I felt, my husband and my best friend and all my friends at work had their respective ways of making me feel like the most beautiful and amazing woman.

  19. EchoJuly28 says:

    The GASSSS during the third and fourth month was unbareable! i couldn’t escape from myself and my husband and i slept in seperate rooms for almost a full month and a half. I’d literally tell him, you may want to couch it tonight adn pull up the xbox! Thank God that intolerance of it passed, but my son has this way of saying in public, usually church, the baby in my moms belly makes her reallllllyyy gassssyy!!! lol. now everyone in the house who let’s one go just blames it on me and i have no leg to stand on! lol

  20. youngmommy26 says:

    lol I remember when I was 8 months pregnant with my son.."I went clear to the 9 month mark" I was walking around in Walmart scouting the baby section, looking at stuff, this couple walks by right as I farted really I didn’t even know it was coming, it just happend at the worst possible moment face got really red, thankfully the women understood what I was going through, and her husband, well being a man..thought it was funny

  21. Elyse Rose says:

    Hemorrhoids…stretch marks…puking… discomfort. I think the ability to get pregnancy is a very beautiful thing and I am very fortunate that I was able to get pregnant twice. However, I hate every minute of being pregnant. If I didn’t get such a wonderful child out of being pregnant, I would have never done it again.

  22. The stretch marks! I am covered in them, then to boot I got PUPPP. I wanted to go insane with the itching! UGH

  23. sheenaholman says:

    I hated being pregnant. I thought it was going to be awesome because I viewed it that way. I was surprised to find out all the horrible things that come with pregnancy. The worst for me was: backaches, restless nights, and vomiting.

  24. Janice says:

    Pregnant, and in for a major overhaul. First to prepare, then to carry, and finally to recover from the whole nine month experience. Beauty, as this article reads, is not how the pregnant feels. I agree! I think this article is accurate, but not complete in the list of ailments seen in the with-child group.

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