Maternity Pictures: Are They A Do or A Don’t?


Shortly after I joined the blogging world, it seemed like everyone I knew was pregnant. And not only were they pregnant, but they were showing off their baby bumps in gorgeous, glowing maternity photos that almost made me wish I was pregnant again. 

As they say – be careful what you wish for. Before I knew it, I was pregnant with my third child and debating if I too should venture down the pregnancy photography path. I had my concerns though:

  1. This was my third child and I didn’t have maternity pictures done with the first two. Would that come back to haunt me? Would my older two children wonder why I hadn’t had any pictures done with them in my belly? Would they be jealous?
  2.  I’m not exactly a small pregnant woman. I was asked if I was having twins on almost a daily basis from the time I hit my second trimester.
  3.  I hate having my picture taken. So, so awkward. Could I pull off the ethereal, peaceful mother look without bursting into laughter?

As I hemmed and hawed and dragged my feet about my decision, time passed and my belly grew. I sent some texts back and forth to my photographer (who also happens to be my cousin) but was iffy in nailing down a date. Oh, it looks like rain this weekend, too bad! Kids are sick tonight, so sorry!

Before I knew it, I was 38 weeks pregnant and suddenly panicked. I realized that I might never have the chance to get maternity pictures done. I could literally pop this kid out at any moment and might never have another baby!

I decided to embrace my inner pregnancy goddess and just go ahead with the maternity photo session.

And I’m so glad that I did.

Yes, I was ridiculously huge and yes, my dress barely fit me. (One more day and it would have been all over.) I laughed and felt awkward and begged the photographer to Photoshop my double chin.

But now, as my baby approaches the 8-month mark, I look back on those pictures and can’t believe that he was in my belly. I look back at our growing family and those precious last few weeks as we anticipated our son’s arrival.

And I know that no matter how big we look or how silly we feel, that as pregnant women, we are a part of something bigger. 

And it’s beautiful.

And most definitely worthy of capturing forever through a photograph.

Did you get maternity portraits done?

Photo via Chaunie Brusie/J & J Brusie Photography


What do you think?

Maternity Pictures: Are They A Do or A Don’t?

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  1. Jeanene says:

    I am so glad I took the time to read this! I am a mother of three, with a fourth on the way and have had many of the same worries. Will my three boys be jealous that I did not get pictures done with them? Do I get the end of second trimester photographed or closer to the due date? So many things to worry about, looking horrible the biggest concern. We get so uncomfortable and no longer feel the beauty of pregnancy, only the aches and pains and double chins and ankles! This will be my last child and I’ve decided it’s better late then never. I’m going to miss the pregnancy ups one I can’t have any more children so I believe I better catch it on film! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  2. Caitlin says:

    I admit I went on google to look for poses and then lock every single door in the house, set my camera on a timer, and took my own photos. I didn’t share them with anyone. As I got further along and I look back at the photos if I didn’t like them I could put them in a shoe box and hide them with my piles of shoes in the closet to look at later but I relized that I didn’t look that bad so I shared them on fb and all my friends and family loved them.

  3. bmattler92 says:

    i had two sets done professionally and i took candid constantly as soon as i started to show.

  4. sarebare68 says:

    I’m conflicted about this for myself even though I’m currently only 22 weeks pregnant. I am NOT a skinny person and I feel that, even now, I could be mistaken for just being really fat instead of pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and I don’t know how I’ll look in another 15 weeks. I know I don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity but I also don’t want to look like a blob! I love the photos that women take as they grow month by month but I definitely know I couldn’t do that. Has anyone taken any pregnancy photos and ended up hating how they looked in them?

    • I had the same fear cause I am not a skinny person either, but I had my sister do my photos. I felt so awkward and I thought it just looked like I was holding up my big ole belly but after looking at them you can tell it’s a baby. Not by my stomach but by the way i held my stomach and the look on my face! Believe me I was not wanting to do maternity photos but i am really happy I did! I think you will be too!

  5. pumpkin says:

    i took plenty of belly pics to watch the amazing growth, but never had the time to actually have a friend do a shoot… looking back im really sad i was never able to coordinate doing it because unlike a lot of pregnant women, even a week past my due date and i still thought i had a rockin body (although i could live without the stretch marks :p )


  7. nichole says:

    i was hesitant about it before i had some done for my first pregnancy, but i absolutly love the fact i did it! i will also be getting them done for my current pregnancy when i get closer to my due date. look at it this way, even if you for some reason dont like the pics when they are first done (perhaps you dont like how your body looks) noone says you have to hang them on your wall and show them off to everyone you know or walk by. put them up, and then look at them when your baby turns one. you may find you love them, and will be happy you decided to go out of your comfort zone and get them done 🙂

  8. nichole says:

    i ran accross a coupon for a free session and free 8×10, and i took it up. i normally hate my pic being taken, im very over critical about how my body looks, but 39 weeks into my pregnancy, i had a reason to be plump, and altho i never show my belly off at all, i did for the photo shoot. my figuring was if i didnt like the pics, i didnt have to order them. in the end my hubby and i picked out one with my belly exposed, and him kissing it. i have it on my wall, and on my daughters 4th bday, i looked at it, and i still do not regret having done it, and i love havin g it on my wall where i can see it whenver i wish.

  9. Chaunie says:

    @ErinF, you will be glad you did!!

  10. ChacoTaco97 says:

    I’ve had my fiance take pics of my baby bump with both of our camera phones and with our digital cameras (which seems to be the norm now-a-days).

    A good friend of ours said she would do some professional pics before our son is born, plus do some candid family pics once he’s born with each of our family pets (5 cats & 1 dog). Not only will she help us capture some of the most precious moments with our first child, but we’re helping her out with her photography business.

    Plus, by taking pics, not only will our son get to look back on his days on the inside lol, but we also get to share our nine months of waiting for his arrival with friends and family who live too far away to see us all the time.

  11. ErinF says:

    I’m glad you posted this! I’m 37 weeks along and haven’t had any done, and wasn’t really planning to. I just hired a birth photographer, and included in her package is a set of maternity shots done between 35-38 weeks. I was on the fence about it–unless I’m in costume, I’m self-conscious about being photographed–but this has me a little more enthusiastic about it!

  12. Jesslyn says:

    I plan to have maternity pictures done.This is my first pregnancy and I’d like to have some memorable pictures. My MIL is a photographer and she’ll be taking them in a few weeks. Looking forward to it:)

  13. Kenny says:

    While I commend you for thinking of the many different outcomes your actions could result in, so you can make your choice(s) based on those concerns for those you love and care about, I believe you would be wrong to not more forward when presented an oppurtunity that you may not have seen in the past! (That being exactally what you tell whomever may question your choices) You are human and some great ideals may not always come right away, but to deprive your lives of enrichment because of failure to have started at the begining with something is sad and depressing! The youngest feels things aren’t fair because the older ones have done things first, get privilages first, etc. The oldes feels things aren’t fair because the youngest gets more attention, gets away with things, doesn’t have as much responsibility, etc.
    Again, it’s great you try to find a balance, but life isn’t fair. The sooner you can teach your kids that, the sooner than can start to understand it and not let it consume them where they are constantly fighting everything that isn’t fair instead of compromising and understanding when things don’t go their way.

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