These Pregnancy Loss Cards Say Exactly the Right Things When You Don’t Know What to Say

When a friend or loved one goes through a pregnancy loss, whether that be a miscarriage or stillbirth, it can be hard to know how to best support her. 

Especially if you have never experienced a miscarriage yourself, you may feel uncomfortable expressing your sympathy or worry that you will somehow inadvertently hurt her more with your own pregnancy or lack of knowledge about what a miscarriage can really feel like. 

And although I can absolutely assure you that you should never be worried to share condolences or sympathy and that any gesture really will be appreciated, there are a lot of really great options online that can help you express what you are feeling in a meaningful way. One of my favorite line of loss cards is available from Dr. Jessica Zucker, and they are beautiful as well as perfect for capturing what so many mothers will go through in a loss. 

I discovered Dr. Jessica Zucker through a podcast called The Birth Hour, where she shared her heartbreaking story of losing her first daughter in a second-trimester loss. I immediately looked her up and was blown away by her cards. So if you are looking for a way to express your sympathy to a friend or loved one going through a hard time, you should definitely consider sending a card from Zucker's shop:

I'm Deeply Sorry card


When there is really nothing else to say but “sorry,” this card says it all. $4.50

Excuse the Language But It's Appropriate card


I'd apologize for the language, but you know what? Sometimes, this is super appropriate. Anger at the helplessness of loss, anger at the situations, anger at everything is real, and it's OK to admit that. $4.50

I'm Here For You card


I love this card because it says what many people are afraid of, which is messing something up and saying the wrong thing. But even if you say something wrong, you're there and you love her, and that's all that matters. $4.50 

I'm Here For You card

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Grief does not have a timeline and even after the initial healing of a miscarriage, there are so many hard milestones to meet — the first holidays without the baby that would have been, the first baby you will hold afterwards, the first baby shower you have to attend, the heartbreaking due date that will never be a happy one. This card encompasses all of those hard days with a simple “I”m here for you.” $4.50

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These Pregnancy Loss Cards Say Exactly the Right Things When You Don’t Know What to Say

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