Pregnancy Fears You Don’t Need to Worry About

Pregnancy is always a very fearful time for me. Yes, I'm excited about the baby and adding to our family and all the fun changes that a newborn adds to our home, but the truth is, it's also a very scary time in our lives. Pregnancy fears prove that the struggle is real.

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I don't think it's unfair to admit that pregnancy isn't always rosy and perfect, like all those glowing, billowy women-in-dresses-on-the-beach bump shots that Instagram would like us to see. We like to focus on the good parts, of course, but there's still a dark side that comes to pregnancy.

For me, the hardest part of pregnancy is before that 20-week ultrasound. Friends may excitedly ask if we will find out the sex of the baby, and our brains will start wondering how to make room for a baby boy or a baby girl, and we will try not to prefer one or the other, just in case. But in the back of our mind we will also be thinking:

What if something is wrong?

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We can't guarantee that every part of your pregnancy will be perfect, of course, but also, it might help to have some perspective. Let's address those pregnancy fears that you may have and take a look at some of the most serious conditions of pregnancy with your real risk of getting them:

The Zika Virus. OK, so as of right now, there have literally been no cases of Zika acquired within the United States. That means anyone who has had the disease has gotten it in a different country. And more than that, the CDC has made it clear that they aren't even really sure if there is a link between Zika and pregnancy complications, like microcephaly. So unless you have plans to travel to Brazil soon, this is really not something you need to be immediately worried about. 

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Preeclampsia. I feel like preeclampsia has gotten a lot more attention lately since high-profile celebrities have talked openly about their experiences with it. (Thanks, Kim Kardashian, for bringing awareness to a global health crisis and not just your butt!) But as serious as the condition is, it still only affects between 3% and 5% of women in the United States. 

Placental abruption. This is one of those emergency situations you always hear about for pregnant women and, again, while it is very serious, it's also very rare. A true placental abruption (when your placenta gets detached from your uterine wall) only occurs in .2% to 1% of all pregnancies

That beer you had before you know you were pregnant. By now, most of us have seen those infamous ads from the CDC that basically say all women who could ever possibly get pregnant better either get themselves on fail-proof birth control (which, newsflash, CDC, does not exist unless you're totally abstinent at all times, thanks) or stop drinking totally just in case you accidentally get pregnant.

But come on, now.

Let's be real: in an ideal world, sure, we wouldn't ingest anything that could possibly hurt our baby, but we don't live in a ideal world, and sometimes, even the air we breathe can be dangerous to our babies. So really, don't waste time worrying if you accidentally drank before you realized you were pregnant. (Actually, even worrying can hurt your baby, so really, that madness never ends!) Do the best you can, and that will give your baby the best start to life.

What were some of your pregnancy fears that you had?

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Pregnancy Fears You Don’t Need to Worry About

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