Posing Nude While Pregnant Anyone?

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When Demi Moore posed nude as a pregnant woman, I wanted to slap her. Why? Because she looked fabulous, and gorgeous, and soooooo unlike the way I looked pregnant. Then there was, of course, Britney; and now most recently Jessica Simpson. Sadly, all of these women have faced criticism and a great deal of judgment for their choice to pose nude while pregnant (but I bet those pictures bought an awful lot of diapers).

I think they are brave. And I think they are doing a wonderful thing. There are thousands upon thousands of airbrushed pictures of naked women online, on television, in magazines, etc., that seem to sexualize females. And here are women posing nude while they are pregnant, when their bodies are admittedly blooming with womanhood, shining with the sheer purpose of what our female bodies are designed to do: have children. 

It’s sad that people would make negative comments about the pictures. And on the other hand, if you are going to post your naked pictures in front of the world, you should expect some criticism. The truth is I know hundreds of pregnant women who have belly shots, and who would have probably loved to have a professional, beautiful picture taken of them while they were pregnant.

My pregnancy-naked pictures came from the hospital. And they are hideous. A few were taken in the middle of a contraction (eek, thanks honey), while others were taken right after I had the baby and was a senseless, emotional mess. Suffice it to say, I didn’t look good. But if I were given the chance to have a beautified image of me taken while I was pregnant, I would have. Why not? Pregnancy is normal, natural, and completely beautiful. 

It seems that as women try to celebrate their pregnancies, with belly painting, nude belly pictures, or any other ritual that helps them to accept and feel beautiful in their bodies – which are completely morphed by pregnancy – there are naysayers waiting in the wings to pass judgment. In other parts of the world, the pregnant woman is heralded as something amazing, beautiful, and photo-worthy. 

Bottom line (for me at least) is I don’t think there is any reason to hate Jessica Simpson for her pregnancy pictures. And although I seriously doubt that Redbook, or any other magazine, would want to post pictures of me naked while I was pregnant, I think it’s cool that there are celebrities willing to do so – To show all of us that pregnancy, in all its glory, is beautiful. 

What do you think? Are nude pregnancy pictures tacky or tactful? Would you or have you taken pictures of your nude body while pregnant?





What do you think?

Posing Nude While Pregnant Anyone?

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  1. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    I see it as none of my business. I would do a professional picture, sure, but not a regular picture just to see all my stretch marks! And not nude, I’m too prudish for that. Just a belly shot.

  2. I’m only 18 and my mom, who recently got interested in photography, wanted me to pose nude for her. That was awkward so I declined! If I was older and maybe if my stomach wasn’t forever streaked with a hundred stretchmarks I might consider doing this!

  3. Profile photo of cvalle81 cvalle81 says:

    I think its beautiful!

  4. Profile photo of mandyditoto mandyditoto says:

    I did lingerie. Yes I may weigh only 130lbs but to me my body changed sufficiently. I have stretchmarks on my breast and an increase of cellulite on my thighs because I am an ex runner. I have no problem with women posing nude because pregnancy is beautiful no matter the effect of the body. You are carrying a life

  5. Profile photo of Sydney Sydney says:

    I fully support anyone who takes nude pictures. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Pregnancy is beauty! My son’s father’s Step mother does photography and she took mostly nude pictures of me while I was pregnant, she also had my son’s father in in the pictures shirtless. They are gorgeous pictures and I share them with everyone.

  6. Profile photo of Sophia Sophia says:

    I probably wouldn’t pose nude myself but it doesn’t make these pictures less than awesome. They are beautiful! I would do it if I were a little more brave – for the world, that is, because I DID take some while I was pregnant (my husband took the shots) and I had my underwear on. We have them stored somewhere on one of our computers in a file that is password protected!

  7. Profile photo of Sasoo Sasoo says:

    I totally agree with this article!! Carrying a baby is a miracle and as my husband has pointed out – a woman is never more beautiful than during this time. To each her own, but I already have my photo session scheduled 🙂

  8. Profile photo of RobinSharpe RobinSharpe says:

    I would never do a nude pregnancy photo…if I did it would be for my husband and my eyes only. I am fairly modest anyways and don’t show much skin to begin with so that is just my personal life choice.


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