Most Popular Baby Names of the 2010s

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Trends in baby names come and go. But so far in the 2010s, we have seen some very classic names leading the popularity for both boys and girls. We looked at the Top 10 lists for baby names from the years 2010 to 2016 on the Social Security website. Check out some of the most popular baby names from the 2010s!

2010: Jacob and Isabella

The Number 1 names for boys and girls in 2010 were Jacob and Isabella. (Jacob even held the number 1 spot for boys through 2012!) Both names featured as main characters in Twilight series. There must have been a lot of fans having babies that year!

Jacob is Hebrew in origin and a Biblical name. It means “holder of the heel” or “supplanter.”

Isabella is both an Italian and Spanish variation of Elizabeth. It means “pledged to God.” Popular nicknames include Bella and Izzy.

2011: Mason and Sophia

In 2011, Sophia took the number 1 spot for girl names (and will hold onto the number 1 spot until 2013). Mason was in the Top 5.

Mason has English and French origins. It means “stone worker.” Mason has been gaining popularity as a gender-neutral name but hasn’t appeared in the Top 10 for girls yet.

Sophia is Greek in origin. It means “wisdom.” 

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2012: Ethan and Olivia

Both Ethan and Olivia were in the Top 5 names for 2012.

Ethan is Hebrew in origin. It means “strong” and “firm.” This is a great choice for names if you don’t especially like nicknames.

Olivia is Latin in origin. It means “olive tree” and is the feminine version of Oliver.

2013: William and Ava

William and Ava were both in the Top 5 in 2013.

William is German in origin. It means “resolute” or “brilliant.” This classic name has been a favorite for hundreds of years!

Ava has origins in Hebrew, Latin, and Persian. In Hebrew and Latin it means “like a bird”, while in Persian it means “voice.” 

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2014: Liam and Emma

Emma took the Number 1 spot for girls in 2014 (holding the number 1 spot up through 2016), while Liam claimed the Number 2 spot for boys.

Liam is Irish in origin. It means “resolute protector” and is a shortened form of William.

Emma has German and English origins. It means “universal.” No wonder it’s so “universally” popular these days!

2015: James and Charlotte

These classic names were both in the Top 10 names for 2015. (Charlotte may have seen a spike in popularity because 2015 was the year that little Princess Charlotte was born!)

James is English in origin and is a variation on Jacob. Like Jacob, it means “supplanter.” James has also been gaining popularity as a gender-neutral name but hasn’t appeared in the Top 10 for girls yet.

Charlotte is French in origin. It means “free man” and is a feminine version of Charles. Plus, it comes with adorable nicknames, like Charlie and Lotte.

2016: Benjamin and Harper

Benjamin and Harper were seen in the top ten most popular names for boys and girls in 2016.

Benjamin is Hebrew in origin. It means “son of the right hand.” Benjamin comes with a lot of cute nicknames, including Ben and Benji.

Harper is English in origin. It means “harp player” or “minstrel.” Harper may have seen a rise in popularity as a homage to Harper Lee, who passed away in 2016.

So, is your baby named one of these popular names from the 2010s?

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