Police Used Taser on Pregnant Woman and are Now Seeking Appeal

pregnant woman in the car

Malaika Brooks was in her third trimester of pregnancy when she was pulled over by Seattle police for speeding while driving her 11-year-old son to school. She refused to sign the speeding ticket, the police asked her to get out of her car, and when she refused that as well, they tased her – three times.

The police initially showed her the taser and asked Brooks if she knew what it was. She didn't, but she did say, “I have to go to the bathroom, I am pregnant. I'm less than 60 days from having my baby.” After the first taser shock to her thigh, she cried out and honked the horn; after the third taser shock to her neck, Brooks “fell over, and the officers dragged her into the street, laying her face down and cuffing her hands behind her back.”

Brooks was charged with refusing to obey an officer and she filed a lawsuit claiming the officers used excessive force. The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges ruled in favor of the officers, “stating the police were justified in making the arrest.”

However, that court ruling was apparently not enough for those officers. On May 24, those officers will look to the Supreme Court for further justification.

Why do they need further justification? They shocked a 7-months-pregnant woman with tasers three times, placed her on her belly, and handcuffed her; and probably all in front of her young son. Are they proud? They won! Why are they now going to the Supreme Court? Are they looking for haters? I can assure them; any woman who has felt the expansions of a third trimester is hating. Could they not think of any other way to handle this situation?

And it was a situation. What on earth was this woman thinking? All she needed to do was sign a speeding ticket, which is not an admission of guilt! Reports say she didn't want to sign because she claims she was not speeding. You can appeal these things! Your son was in the back seat of your car, three policemen were threatening to taser your pregnant body … and this was the moment you chose to fight back?

I feel like both parties displayed a bit of stupidity. When I read news stories like this one, I hear an old song in my head. It's by Bill Engvall (thanks Community!); it's called “Here's Your Sign” – perhaps you know it? Yeah… to those police officers who resorted to atrocious force against a pregnant woman and have decided that winning the original appeal wasn't enough for them, here's your sign.  And to the pregnant woman in her third trimester, who wasn't speeding (but had three police officers standing in front of her, stating she was going 32 mph in a 20 mph school zone, threatening to taser her body – while her son was in the backseat), and chose to disobey, here's your sign.

There is always a better way.


What do you think? Do you agree?

What do you think?

Police Used Taser on Pregnant Woman and are Now Seeking Appeal

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  1. carissa says:

    The officers did Not need to use a taser on her! Or throw her on the ground on her belly! What if she would have gone into early labor or worse?! I would find a damn good lawyer. I cannot believe this!

  2. verochka31 says:

    both are wrong but the officers are more wrong. would they tase their on pregnant wives? they should never throw a pregnant woman to the ground either. God forbid anything happens to the baby, than what??

  3. Lisa says:

    Unfortunately it is not illegal to tase a pregnant woman, though it should be. Also police are authorized to use the taser up to 20 times if the suspect is still “resisting”. Personally when I get pulled over the first thing I do is turn the camera on my phone on to start recording and set it in the seat beside me. I’ve too many times dealt with officers who had a stick up their ass and were power hungry. I was a bit goth as a teenager but never broke any laws but that did not stop police from harassing me just because they could. At 15 I was once thrown on the ground, frisked by a male officer, and cuffed, for simply refusing to speak until my parent or a lawyer was present because they were accusing me of harassing elderly people in a park I hadn’t even been to.

  4. Kristi says:

    Why were there three officers?! When people get pulled over there should only be one maybe two! She should have signed the ticket and fought it later. Her poor son is probably traumatized. Pregnant women don’t always think, our emotions get the best of us, they could have killed her baby. Hopefully there won’t be any damage done to the baby. Both in the wrong, but the officers more so.

  5. Renae says:

    I think they should be tasered themselves and then castrated I’m not a hater but I wouldn’t be upset if in a couple years when this passes something happens to the officers anonymously

  6. cassie says:

    WOW! Regardless if the woman was non compliant there is NO excuse for 3 grown men to come to the conclusion that its “okay” to tase a pregnant woman! Did not one person stop and think, “hmm, maybe her baby could DIE and then we would be responsible for that death!??” GUESS NOT! Judging that them winning the first case wasn’t good enough, sounds like there are some high strung or crooked cops out there that need to be reminded of what “serve and protect” means. I mean really…3 times and faced down!?? I’ve grown up watching the tv show Cops and sometimes I just cant believe how they take advantage of their power. In fact, in some places, cops are taught to just keep saying “stop resisting” so they can have justification, even if in fact, they arent! Anyhow, after my little rant…everybody always holds some kind of responsibility for situations and we werent there so we dont know how the woman actually behaved but sti.

  7. Katie says:

    Wild story! Hard to even think about seeing a pregnant woman face down being handcuffed. Well, just like the article explains they were both in the wrong. Yes, hormones are raging, but that’s no excuse to be completely defiant, especially with your son in the backseat watching your actions. I agree that the officers were excessive with their use of the taser, but they were following protocol on a person that isn’t complying with a simple procedure such as signing a ticket. Signing the ticket doesn’t mean your guilty. The officers are being ridiculous for taking it on further. Crazy situation!

  8. Kayla says:

    this is crazy. they are totally in the wrong. there is no compassion from alot of officers nowadays, treating everyone like a criminal. and i know how crazy hormones in the 3rd trimester can mess you up. that was probably a major part of why she took her stand. they need to go through some serious sensitivity training. even if the weapon was “non-lethal,” it still could have been and was unnecessary.

  9. Alyssa says:

    I would sue the pants off them. If they had killed that unborn child, that would’ve been all over the news, ugh I cant even stand to think about that.

  10. Carline says:

    That’s just ridiculous!
    Some of these officers like to misuse their power they think they are gods!
    I had a similar experience the day I found out I was pregnant. At 6 weeks…. Because I said “fuck” I was dragged off a step handcuffed and taken to station … No Miranda rights were read nothing.
    I know my rights so fighting it in court.

  11. keyshia says:

    ok…having been pregnant, personally speaking, i always thought i was right. i dont care what the argument was, pregnancy hormones told me i was right. in this situation was it smart, probably no, but at the same time the cop didnt need to taser her three times that was extreme

  12. Haley says:

    I’m 17 and having my first, So I don’t much about pregnancy… But I’m pretty sure that much shock to a body could have forced her to an early labor. Which By any means is sue-able. Yeah, I feel like both are in the wrong but mostly the police officers because They were not just harming one, they were also harming an unborn child. I bet they didn’t even realize if they hooked the right judge they could of been arrested for homicidal action against an unborn being. Which is life in prison.

  13. Derrell says:

    If I saw this so called “Police Officer” doing this I would have beat him to a pulp. Then took his taser to his balls.

  14. Krystal says:

    Let me get this straight: they tased her because she refused to step out of the vehicle? And three times? I don’t know about anyone elsebut I’ve seen people who’ve been tased once: they lose control of bodily functions. What possible reason could they have had to tase her three times.

  15. Brittany says:

    People are freakin sick. They should go to jail for tazing a pregnant woman knowing how far along the was especially. That idiot could have killed the baby.

  16. Aubrey says:

    The whole case is stupid. The woman was not bright (ignorance of the law is NOT a valid defense) The cops were jerks, and it’s the kids that lose. The 11 yo having to see his mom tazed and cuffed, and the unborn baby being tazed as well because of it’s mother’s neglect. 3 things missing from this story, Common Sense, Common Courtesy, and manners. If all 3 had been used, it never would have happened.

  17. Shelina says:

    the police officers are scum bags doing this in front a 11 year old and for tasing a pregnant women. they need to be pulled out of law enforcement and never deserve to get another job that involves the law.

  18. Alanna says:

    Why would anyone need to use a taser on another person unless they prove to be a physical threat. This woman did not act out in any way to deserve physical harm. Police can arrest someone without hurting them.

  19. dana says:

    the problem is officers feel like they can get away with anything of course she could’ve signed the darn ticket but at the same time the sorry officers didn’t have to taze her for it. now if it was one of their wives it wouldn’t have been ok and they would feel the same way she did and another officer would not have gotten away with that stuff.

  20. khia says:

    Thats just awful! I do agree it coulda been handled way differently. hope her and baby are fine.

  21. Holly says:

    That goes to show what kind of bs justice system america has. Let those who b wrong b praised and go unpunished! Some days im.ashamed to say im an american

  22. Holly says:

    Yes the lady decided not to sign the ticket or get out of her vehicle but seriously we have the right to refuse to sign the damn paper! So where did that asshole cop think he had grounds to ask her to get out of her vehicle?? And to taser a pregnant woman!— was he purposely trying to damage her and her unborn child? Its bs what the judge ruled. That lady ahould b suing the cops and the judge for excessive force and being prejudice against females and pregnant women!

  23. jessica says:

    Wow, talk about horrible! This is NOT ok! Seriously, being pregnant don’t we deal with enough emotional problems and body changes? Then you have some jerk taser you in your 3rd trimester when you likely were having some sort of pregnancy related mood swing to begin with? Why do you think that some women could get away with murder when pregnant? It is because as women we have crazy and Uncontrollable mood swings. This cop should be fired! The other two should be suspended from duty for a while for not stopping this lunatic!

  24. Michelle says:

    He absolutely was not justified. The law does not require her to sign. Decency required him not to tazer a pregnant woman. It doesn’t mean she won’t have to deal with the ticket. But his actions could have caused her to go into labor, or worse. Somehow I doubt he would have rushed her to the hospital if she did either. Now, if the child has any issues she can sue the cop because he may very well have caused them.

  25. Wiley says:

    The lady should have just signed the ticket. She likely had a bit of attitude with the cops. However, they did not have any justifiable reason to taser her at all. It sounds like how so many of the cops are near where I live, they join the force because they want to be able to bully people and get away with it. They go around on power trips and daring people to mess with them. There are a lot of good cops out there but way too many like this.


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