Pink’s Photo of Cooking While Babywearing Has Upset Some People

What does cooking with kids look like at your house on a regular basis? Is it a relaxing time? A totally downright stress-free experience, complete with you sipping a leisurely glass of wine while music played softly in the background and your kids quietly worked on an engaging educational activity without any sort of crying, whining, or fighting? 

HAHAHAHAHA. As if, right? 

Cooking with kids feels more like wading through a battle field. Everyone is cranky and hangry (including you) and having a meltdown, you may or may not have any idea what to actually cook, and your children seem hell-bent on destroying you. In short, cooking with kids is always super fun if your idea of fun is trying to cook with a human hanging on you and whining in your ear for hot dogs, then refusing to eat the hot dog that you've actually prepared. 

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And a recent picture by music star Pink showed that she totally gets that the struggle is real when it comes to cooking with kids. The celebrity posted a picture of what I imagine is a very typical midweek dinner scene, mom wearing a baby while frying up some dinner, and big sister looking on from her perch on the counter. 

It looks like a normal domestic scene to me and heck, she's kind of a supermom for pulling that off in my eyes. But in the rest of the Internet's eyes? Pink was totally being a bad mom because she was cooking while babywearing. 

cooking while babywearing
Image via Instagram/ @pink

Almost instantly, Pink got some of those infamous passive-aggressive momshaming comments on her post about cooking with kids safely. You know, stuff like: ““Cute photo but please don’t cook wearing the baby. I’ve read some really horrific stories about terrible accidents that have occurred doing this,” or “I babywear all the time except when I’m cooking hot meals. The better alternative, I suppose if you really must, would be wearing the baby on your back. Not directly facing the hot stove.”

To be fair, there are some risks to your little one if you're wearing your baby while cooking over a hot flame. Pink's baby is facing forward and obviously very interested in whatever her mom is cooking up, so it's not hard to imagine the random oil splat burning her or her getting a little too curious. And then, of course, there's the fact that as a mom, Pink could forget about dinner, see it burning, and rush over to the stove, only to accidentally brush her baby's feet on the hot pan or something. 

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But still, can a mom just trying to get dinner on the table live? Clearly, this is just a quick picture and clearly, Pink wasn't alone in the kitchen because duh, someone snapped the picture. Her kids are not in danger and she is simply trying to do what parents all over the world do in unison every single night: survive. 

Sure, it may be a good idea to minimize any risk of your little one getting hurt while you're cooking by placing your baby down while you're actually slicing, dicing, and sautéing, but we've all had the baby who will.not.stop.screaming, so I totally get it. You either have to accept that your baby is going to cry, order a pizza, or do what you need to do. 

It's also a good idea to remember that parenting looks a little different for every person. Reading the comment's on the Instagram post was actually a very enlightening experience because many different individuals commented with their perspectives that I honestly hadn't even considered. For example, one woman from another country pointed out how downright lax their parenting styles are, so the sight of a mom cooking with her kids didn't even phase her. “In the Netherlands, we bike with our baby in a carrying bag,” she noted. “People will always judge unfortunately. When I look at the picture I see family time, multitasking, making memories #lovingit❤️

Amen to that. 

What are your thoughts on cooking while babywearing? Do you do it occasionally or would you never risk it? 

What do you think?

Pink’s Photo of Cooking While Babywearing Has Upset Some People

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