Pink is Rocking Motherhood and We Aren’t Even Surprised

Who says rock stars can't also rock motherhood? Artist Pink may not have been in the middle the music spotlight in the past few years, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been keeping busy. She's been more than busy rocking motherhood, first with her five-year-old daughter Willow and welcoming her first son, Jameson Moon Hart, on the day after Christmas. 

I love how celebrities show just how transformative motherhood can be — Pink seemed to be one of those people who really “found” herself and her purpose in motherhood and I can totally relate to that. Pink's been open and honest about how much she loves motherhood and it's refreshing to hear someone really embracing being a mom. She's talked before how motherhood can really be something that changes your heart in a way that is literally healing. 

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“You see how you were,” she told People. “When you watch this bundle full of love and light that’s untarnished and untainted by heartache and any of the numerous things that change you, it’s very healing. It’s a miracle.”

I think it's so true. I feel like I was lost, in many ways, until I became a mother. Welcoming my daughter really felt like I was waking up to my “real” life, the one I was meant to live. It really does feel like a miracle when you have the chance to become a mom, even as a broken person, and get this chance to become whole in a new way. Kind of like the way your stomach really does manage to go back down after stretching to impossible proportions, you find your way back to a new version of yourself too. 

I've loved watching Pink's journey through her second pregnancy, such as the beautiful picture she posted of her daughter embracing her bare pregnant belly that made headlines to her joking about the necessity of pregnancy pillows

Image via Instagram/ Pink

Um, perfection. I've always admired Pink because she really did seem like someone who is enjoying being a mom and I think that's one of the most important lessons to learn about parenthood. You have to enjoy the crazy ride or you'll go crazy. 

Pink and her husband, whom she calls her “baby daddy,” have been honest about how parenthood can take a toll on marriage, admitting that they have taken two breaks and gone through marriage counseling to make it all work. I love that she hasn't held back about the good and hard parts of marriage, marriage counseling and all. Because at the end of the day, Pink acknowledges the coolest part about being a mom: that our kids are the best part of our lives and that at least, for the first few years, they can't complain about us.

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“She's the coolest thing that has ever happened to me,” Pink said about her daughter. “Now I have someone to sing goofy-a– songs to all day and she likes it.”

I mean, we can't all sing like Pink. But we get what she's saying. 

What do you love most about motherhood? 

What do you think?

Pink is Rocking Motherhood and We Aren’t Even Surprised

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