Perfect Gift Ideas for Nurses, Midwives, and Doctors

If you're looking for perfect gift ideas for nurses, midwives, or doctors, let me just start by saying that's a great idea, so thank you. As a former labor and delivery nurse, I always appreciated each and every time a patient took the time to thank us with anything at all. Sure, being a nurse or a midwife is a job. But it's also one that involves going above and beyond on a regular basis. From working through the night to missing family events and holidays to delivering babies without so much as a bathroom break, the work of a nurse or midwife goes far beyond hours punched on a clock. 

There's something about even the smallest of thanks that fuels a nurse to keep going on. So if you have the smallest of inklings to get your favorite nurse a present, I say go for it! Here are some perfect gift ideas for nurses, midwives, doctors, and anyone in the medical profession.

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Food. Food is always the preferred gift for anyone who works in a hospital because 1) it fuels caregivers through busy shifts and 2) they often are working right through lunch “breaks” so food can be a scarce commodity. Any type of food delivery, from pizza to an edible arrangement, will be much appreciated by anyone who has treated you in the hospital. When I had my babies, I made sure to order up a huge helping of pasta, salad, and breadsticks for everyone on the floor because I knew just how much of a difference that small gesture can make during a long and tiring shift.

Coffee mugs. Etsy has a variety of coffee mugs that are especially perfect for medical professionals who work with babies. My favorite? The mugs that feature midwives and doulas “at your cervix.” Classic. 

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Stethoscope ID badges. I think the idea of stethoscope covers are super cute, but I also have to be honest with you: They gross me out. A stethoscope is the single most commonly used pieced of equipment for nurses or doctors and it touches Every. Single. Patient. Point being? I sanitized the heck out of my stethoscope as a nurse and a cover would get in the way of doing that. It's much more practical to get a gift card for a cute stethoscope ID badge because nurses are always misplacing their stethoscopes. 
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Lotion. Anyone who works in the medical field knows that dry hands are a problem. They are constantly washing their hands and using harsh hand sanitizers. So pocket-sized lotions or lotions for the floor can be a huge lifesaver. I used to love to use sanitizing hand lotions and would moisturize every chance I could. Bath and Body Works has some great lotion sets for under 15 bucks to make gifting easy. 

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Antibacterial pens. Ask any nurse what's the #1 item that they use all day long and that they are most likely to misplace? Pens. Pens are coveted in the medical world, even with electronic charting, because you can jot down quick notes, orders, and more throughout the day when your computer isn't accessible. And yes, pens (along with keyboards) are gross. But there are more really cool options for antibacterial pens on the market. I had to do some digging, but there is one version called Iprotect available on Amazon that would make a great gift for any germaphobe. 

Chocolate. What's the perfect way to help a doctor get through a night shift? Chocolate, of course. There are so many options for gifting chocolate. And it's easy to choose something you can ship directly to the hospital or doctor's office, like a good ol' 1-pound box of chocolate covered pretzels. Yum! 

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Perfect Gift Ideas for Nurses, Midwives, and Doctors

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