Good News, Moms-to-Be! The Perfect Fall Maternity Wardrobe is Here

This fall, as the leaves begin to turn and your belly begins to pop, you’ll likely need to begin building your fall maternity wardrobe. While you don’t want to spend a fortune, you’ll need to assemble a few key pieces to carry you into winter and towards your baby. Check out the fall basics below and consider how you’ll personalize them!

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fall maternity wardrobe
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  1. A great pair of jeans

Every perfect outfit starts with a great pair of jeans. While you might have rocked a range of styles before you became pregnant, you likely don’t have the budget to recreate your full wardrobe. Luckily, these jeans from MotherhoodMaternity hit all the marks. They’re versatile, stylish and, most importantly, super comfy!

  1. T-shirts in your favorite color

A few basic T-shirts that can be mixed and matched with comfortable jeans or relaxed leggings are a great start to your fall wardrobe. Grab a few short sleeved shirts and a few long sleeved shirts and have fun dressing them up and down with a variety of accessories.

  1. A floral dress

Nothing says fall like a long floral dress and a great pair of boots. Whether you prefer a small print or something bolder, your bump is sure to pop in a floral dress like this one from LaClef. 

  1. A cozy sweater

When the weather begins to turn, you’ll want something to layer over top your t-shirts and floral dress. Check out this sweater for a cozy, layered look that you can wear at home, at work or while out for a date.

  1. A stretchy hoodie

And, of course, some days you want to just wake up, roll out of bed, and pull on something as relaxed as you feel. This hoodie is warm enough for a cold morning but light enough that you can comfortably wear it over any T-shirt in your drawer. 


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What is a must have item for your fall maternity wardrobe?

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Good News, Moms-to-Be! The Perfect Fall Maternity Wardrobe is Here

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