Fall is Here: How to Plan the Perfect DIY Fall-Themed Photo Shoot

fall-themed photo shoot
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Each season brings with it small joys and special traditions. As kids head back to school and the air begins to cool, many families begin to look forward to their fall traditions. In some families trips to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, or corn maze are the norm. For others, afternoons are spent tailgating and evenings are spent decked out in their favorite sports gear. And in recent years, many families seem to have adopted a new tradition: the fall-themed family photo shoot. While these pictures can be tons of fun to see as you’re scrolling through face book, hiring a professional photographer can be really expensive. If you’re interested in capturing some special fall memories, but aren’t able to pay for a photo shoot, consider holding your own! Check out the tips below for your perfect DIY fall-themed family photos.

  1. Find a great location

When you look at fall themed photos, you probably notice some similarities in the backgrounds. Often, professional photographers hold photo shoots at a park where leaves are visibly brighter or on a farm with lots of fall foliage on display. As you think about where you want your pictures, consider what outdoor locations are available in your area and select one that’s going to provide a serene, fall-like backdrop to your photos.

  1. Choose the right outfits

When you’re choosing outfits for your family photos, do your best to coordinate rather than to match. Instead of dressing your whole family in matching jeans and the same color t-shirts, consider picking 3-4 colors and selecting different clothing for each member of the family. The best colors for fall photos are often deeper versions of summer favorites. These can include deep burgundy, dark gray, navy blue, or mustard yellow.

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  1. Being out a few props

If your photos are going to feature young kids, consider bringing a few props to help them get into the fall spirit. A few miniature pumpkins, a scarecrow doll, or a basket of apples can set the fall-themed tone. Encourage your little ones to explore the props and snap a few photos as they show their curiosity.

  1. Go for candid shots

While posed family photos are sweet, when you’re doing a DIY photo shoot (and you have a pack of squirmy, wiggly kids) they can be nearly impossible to capture. So don't get disappointed that your kids weren’t looking when the camera timer went off. Instead, get comfortable with the goal of capturing candids. Often, candid photos capture a child’s spirit or smile in a way that posed photos don’t.

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  1. Take a lot of photos

While it’s always easy to click delete, it’s impossible to go back and take more pictures. When you’re out snapping your fall-themed photos, don’t be afraid to click away with freedom. When you get home having more photos to choose from will make it more likely you’ve got one you love.

Happy snapping, families!

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Fall is Here: How to Plan the Perfect DIY Fall-Themed Photo Shoot

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