Parents Name Their Newborn Daughter ‘Hashtag’


During pregnancy, it is normal to ponder and fret over several baby names for the little peanut growing within. Some choose a family name; others prefer a celebrity, historical, or sports name. Names of childhood friends mix in with special places and traditional and cultural possibilities.

On Saturday, at 10 p.m., a new type of naming option was presented to pregnant women everywhere when the Jameson family announced the arrival of their baby girl, Hashtag Jameson.

That’s right; they named their newborn daughter Hashtag.

Before you cast judgment, know that the Jameson family was not the first to name their protégé after social media craze. Last February, an Egyptian family named their son Facebook.

Is this a trend that will flourish with time? Would you name your child Hashtag, or Facebook?

Is there a family welcoming the arrival of Baby Pinterest, or Baby Instagram? Actually, Instagram Shannon does have a unique, mysterious ring to it…

But I think I’ll pass. Somehow, I think these socially inspired baby names are going to draw out the bullies from their evil corners. Don’t you think?

Socially Inspired Baby Names: Good idea, or bad?  Comment below!


What do you think?

Parents Name Their Newborn Daughter ‘Hashtag’

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  1. Alanna says:

    To each his own, I suppose.

  2. LIZ says:

    i try to find a not common name for my baby but i didnt want to embarrased her

  3. Diana says:

    thats just horrible.

  4. Ashley says:

    I just find this horrible. I understand wanting a unique name for your child but all I can see is this child being harassed over her name in the future.

  5. Nicole says:

    Parents are free to name their child whatever they chose, but I personally wouldn’t and couldn’t bring myself to name my child something so distasteful, in my opinion just outright stupid and unoriginal, and something that is sure to guarantee being bullied and made fun of most of their life.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Naming your child facebook or hashtag, thats not creative. Its setting your child up tp ridiculed and picked on. and yes. its your fault. you knew that when you chose the name. you know the difference in a name with meaning and something totally random and rediculous. why put your child through that? such a horrible thing to do.

  7. Catie says:

    One thing i hate is when parents use there innocent babys for attention, its like people are doing more and more crazier things everyday just to get media attention or just any attention at all and it disgusts me becauze there not really thinking of there child there being selfish and inmature they dont care about how there child will feel when he or she gets bullied. If any of you heard kids that are getting bullied alot tend to harm themselves. Is that somthing you really want for your child? Come on people, people who do outragous things to get attention is fine but when they bring it unto a innocent child who cant speak for themselves is truly selfish unfair disgusting and they are bad parents.

  8. not what I would choose to name a child of mine let alone a daughter. I can forsee some pretty heated discussions in her future. But that being said the child can change her name when she is emancipated.

  9. nydia rivera says:

    I cant judge others, but I would personally never do it. I chose special meaningful names for my kids. I wouldnt choose a name to cause a sensation.

  10. DanaJ says:

    Hashtag has a ring to it… its hard to name a baby! my husband and i have been tossing around names for months and cant seem to agree on anything… One boys name I love is Dyson – but my husband and friends all comment and make fun about the vacuum cleaner and how horrible it would be for the kid. I think every individual makes their own name a part of them. Hashtag may get made fun of by some other kids, but will this hurt the childs future or only make her stronger?

    • Areana says:

      I dont know if you are still looking for a name vut I know that what we did was look at the meaning of the names first then had a family meeting and voted.

  11. GoodbredM says:

    I think this is going a little too far with ‘creative’ new names. As these children grow up, they won’t even know what their names mean until a tech-savy age. And what if these social/media programs drop off or become ‘old news’? Not likely, but how would you feel as a parent explaining the meaning of your child’s name as a social media site or photo program that was popular when they were born. Doesn’t seem like you would be giving your child a name they can be proud of.

  12. Tasha says:

    I think Hashtag is kind of a cute name. So’s Instagram. Facebook’s a bit iffy though. I’d totally consider calling my kids Twitter and Tumblr, but probably only as their middle names.

  13. Aikana Mauda says:


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  14. What!? That’s what I say! I couldn’t imagine having that name.God help her when she goes to school. I usually don’t say much about people’s choices and decisions. But man, oh, man! I don’t know about this one. Hashtag? Kinda strange and silly, don’t you think?

  15. RosslynRose says:

    Not my idea of a decent name, but at least it’s better than facebook. There used to be some thought in naming a child years ago, biblical names were the favourite, but every generation will have an influx on baby names. Go back to the 60’s – there were some really different out names back then like Windflower or Meadow, I’m sure many frowned and judged on these too.

  16. hannah83 says:

    As my husband and I discussed names we thought of names that would give special meanings to our daughter or son.

  17. sukismom says:

    That’s even worse then the hash-tag hat I seen…

  18. emily says:

    I feel bad for the child but her parents will have to deal with what is to come for this child. I wish Hashtag The Best.

  19. neisha says:

    well if their ok with it i would never name my child something like that

  20. Arrielle says:

    I wouldn’t choose it but everyone thought I was crazy for choosing to name my daughter Mahoney. I can’t imagine her as anything else. Good luck to baby Hashtag.

  21. Char says:

    Can’t believe parents name they kid hashtag they fame is for a little while but this child is gonna remain and be continually reminded by the bullies of how funny he name is ,.. They should be a law to which names r appropriate for kids wen patents go way out the box in this case . … Everyone is free to make they own decision on wat they name they kids but hashtag for a pretty little girl ? Wow

  22. abbigail says:

    I read about this somewhere else, I think it was meant as a joke. I can’t see someone actually naming their daughter Hashtag Jameson… that’s just horrible. Hashtag is not a name!
    I’d have to nickname her hashbrowns or something. That is going beyond the realm of unusual names. I fear for my grandchildren’s generation, half of them won’t be able to pronounce their own names.

  23. It was a girl! Not boy, 🙂

  24. I think before someone names a child anything they need to look in the mirror and ask themselves "Would I want to have this as a name for the rest of my life?" I find it hard to believe the parents would want to have such a name, but maybe I’m wrong.

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