Parenting: Sometimes We’ve Just Got To Laugh

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Between the perils of pregnancy and parenting, sometimes we just have to laugh. Whether you have already been there and done that, or if you are simply beginning to experience your own pregnancy and parenting journey, get ready to enjoy the things that have made us laugh.

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10 Things That Can Make an Expectant or New Mom Cry. Sheer exhaustion, spilled milk, Lifetime movies,  nausea, feeling awkwardly round in an achy body, the wrong condiment on the sandwich you were so excited to order — if these sound like your pregnancy woes, you are not alone. Read here about all of the thing that have made Sara and her friends cry during their pregnancies. 

It is fun to think back about all the things that once upset us, but now make us giggle.

What to Really Expect When You're Expecting. In a month by month breakdown, Chaunie reveals the hilariously true things that happen to most of us throughout pregnancy. Get ready to laugh (or cry) as you read it here.

Things You Should Never Say to a New Mother. You'll laugh about it later, probably, but for now, the things people say, well the new-mom hormones just might want to make you punch them in the face. 

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Ways Parenting is Like Spring Break. Wet t-shirts, someone peeing their pants — sounds a lot like college party days, yes? Only this time, it is your life as a parent.

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Things I Wish I'd Done Better Before they Became Toddlers. Those of us who have parented toddlers can laugh along with this one, as we too, can totally remember feeling lost when Target ran out of popcorn. Future toddler parents, read Nicole's 5 wishes to avoid finding cereal in your bed.

Don't forget to write your memories down! You're going to love reliving them one day.

Things You Should Do and Blame on the Kids. One of the best things about having kids is that you can blame your craziness on them. Any person who would break out into song and dance in the middle of the store must be crazy, unless that person is part of a flash mob — or a parent. Sometimes you just gotta let it out, and that's okay, because it's totally for the kids, right?

Potty Training Perils. If your race to the public restroom has ever qualified you to compete in the Olympics, you must read the Perils of Potty Training. Potty training, or the aftermath of that, isn't fun — but it is pretty funny to read about.

Hilarious Convos. We have all had those unforgettable conversations with our kids, the ones that are laugh-out-loud funny. Deborah highlights one father's mission to remember his convos with his daughter, forever.  

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Don't let the laughing stop, write in the comments about your funny parenting experiences!

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Parenting: Sometimes We’ve Just Got To Laugh

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  1. Venetia says:

    Some times you can laugh things off, but then again I’ve gone from giggles to crying in a second flat while pregnant.


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