What’s One Parenting-Related Thing You Won’t Do in 2018?

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Every year there is at least one thing we do as parents that we swear we won’t do again. What is one parenting-related thing you did this year that you won't do in 2018? Here’s what real moms on Facebook said they weren’t going to do in 2018.

Samantha B: In 2018, I won’t trust my toddler to not climb the gate while I go to the toilet. He climbed the gate got in the kitchen got on top of the fridge and got ahold of his brother's adult strength epipen and injected himself. Never again! Thank God the EMs got here quickly and we got to children's emergency really fast. He was fine and came home an hour after we got there.

Leeanna L: I don’t plan to have a baby in the New Year. Three under three right now. I might get pregnant again, but no 2018 birthdays!

Cadie C: In 2018, I won’t make separate dinners for each kid.

Charlee M: I won't do so much for my kids so that they can be more independent. 

Samantha M: This year I sent three of my babies to daycare. Won't repeat that in 2018.

Kaylie J: In 2018, I won’t co-sleep!

Dennissa M: In 2018, I won’t get pregnant. Two kids is enough.

Ashley M: I won't worry so much about what other people think about my parenting choices. I can't be all the things or do all the things all the time and I want to stop worrying about it all the time. 

Cyndi A: For 2018, maybe I won’t buy more pull-ups? I'm procrastinating …

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Do you have any parenting-related things you did this year that you don’t want to do in 2018? Share in the comments!

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What’s One Parenting-Related Thing You Won’t Do in 2018?

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