Organize Your Life: Let’s Do This Together!

organize-your-lifeWhy are you only wearing one sock? Has anyone seen my cell phone? Have you brushed your teeth yet? Why didn’t anyone tell me we were out of milk?

Any of this sound familiar? It sometimes seems that despite my best efforts to “get ready” for the week ahead, Monday tends to bring a certain level of chaos that only intensifies by Friday, when I’m ready to get a “break” (right – with three kids home all weekend, birthday parties, housework, grocery shopping, and the recurrent illnesses that come with parenting?) before I start all over again.

I know I CAN do it, as my work life chugs along nicely thanks to planning, preparation, and systems that I’ve found to work for me. But for some reason, that hasn’t carried over into my life at home. Despite my efforts to organize there (which include some successes) I still need help in getting my personal life organized, and finding the best systems to work for my family, my home, and myself. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use a few tips, right? 

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This month we’ve decided to jump into spring by doing more than cleaning. We’re collecting some of the best ideas around to help streamline and organize life – from your family calendar to your closets. We’ve already heard a genius tip for how to create a morning routine that will work, plus tips on planning during your packing for road trip success, and useful apps for busy moms. We’re also going to hear tips throughout the month on organizing everything from your party planning to your pantry to family photos, ways to declutter your email inbox and organize kids’ artwork, and how to deal with challenges when pregnancy or motherhood threatens to throw off your plans.

I’m determined to put these tips to good use. I have made excuses for myself – “Once I get past birthdays/spring break/the school year I’ll have a chance to do this” – but I’m done with that now. Once these days are gone, they’re gone. My kids will only be this age once. And while I know that they won’t be consumed with memories of our messy house or too-frequent take-out nights as adults, I do want them to remember a home that, while messy and loud, was loving, happy, and a fun place to be. So I’m saying goodbye to the stress and (some of) the mess and getting on track with organization. Want to join me? 

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Share your own goals in the comments: What do you want to get organized this month? 

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Organize Your Life: Let’s Do This Together!

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  1. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Can I comment that there is organization in chaos? 🙂
    I love the idea of being organized. I find it hard to maintain when I have my first child.


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