Only YOU Can Prevent Topless Selfies!

Image via iStock/iconogenic
Image via iStock/iconogenic

A mother was recently photographed in a hot tub – topless – with her topless teenage daughter and is now facing a child endangerment charge! 

You can never know when, or where, a photo might appear.

Not only was this photo quickly shared with numerous high school students, but this wasn’t the first time her 14-year-old daughter had a nude self-photo circulate among her peers.

According to the article, Tim Lohmar, a St. Charles County Prosecutor, said that “the mother told authorities she had no idea the image would be circulated, but it was viewed by students at two high schools through Snapchat, a messaging app that allows users to send text, photos and videos that disappear after a few seconds.”

Authorities also said, “The woman’s son attends one of the schools and was ridiculed by his classmates because of the photo.”

If I told you that this mother-daughter duo covered their nipples for their photo op, would you feel any better about this story?

No? Me neither. I’ll admit that modesty is not a huge factor in my home right now – I still change my clothing in front of my six-year-old. But I also know that there will come a time when modesty will be a higher priority, due to age appropriateness. However, I have never, ever taken a photo like this with my child. And that will always be the case.

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As a matter of fact, just last week, my daughter was running around with an iPad, taking random photos around the house, and she came into my room and took a photo as I was about to change shirts. I quickly grabbed the iPad, deleted the photo, and had a stern conversation with her about how important it was to never take photos like that, whether it’s of herself or another person. I also took that opportunity to stress the importance of her never posing nude, or allowing someone to take a photo of her that would capture a similar circumstance. We also talked about the various consequences that arise when these types of photos are taken.

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Nowadays, you just can’t be too careful with photos. You never know when or where they will appear. And it is our job, as parents, to teach this to our children, early on in their lives. Don’t you agree?

Would you take, or have you taken, a topless photo with your child? Do you agree with the child endangerment charge this mother received, or do you find it a bit harsh?


What do you think?

Only YOU Can Prevent Topless Selfies!

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  1. TaKeisha says:

    I have never and I will never take a topless photo!! Also, I do think that the child endangerment charge is a bit hars.


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