One Non-Fat, No Foam, 8-Ounce Latte … for Baby!

Photo via iStock/ChristopherBernard
Photo via iStock/ChristopherBernard

It’s the Keurig for babies!

No joke. Baby Brezza has created Formula Pro, “the revolutionary new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles,” so that tired mothers everywhere can quickly prepare a bottle “with the push of a button.”

Each child is different, and whether or not you feed yours formula is left entirely up to your judgment.

And though the price ($149) is comparable to my Keurig, my wise and glorious Dispenser of One-Cup Magic, the Formula Pro claims to “serve up a perfect bottle of formula in seconds.”

The machine not only holds water and formula in separate storage compartments, so that it’s ready as soon as your baby is, it also controls temperature and can make a 2-ounce bottle, or a 10-ounce bottle.

Still don’t believe me?

Check this video out:

I feel like they’re still missing out an opportunity to provide cute to-go bottles with personalized temperature sleeves. Perhaps I’d be more inclined to give my baby a non-fat, no foam Baby Latte if we could both drink our morning magic out of matching mugs.

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Of course, we all know that breastfeeding or preparing a bottle sans machinery is less expensive and works just as well. But if you bottle feed, when your baby begins to cry with tears of hunger at 2 a.m. and you find yourself worrying about how you'll mix together the proper quantities and create the perfect temperature while you spastically shake your head back and forth in an attempt to keep both eyes open, will you find yourself considering the Formula Pro as a reasonable option?

Would you buy this product? Why, or why not?

What do you think?

One Non-Fat, No Foam, 8-Ounce Latte … for Baby!

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  1. Profile photo of robchoran robchoran says:

    “Of course, we all know that breastfeeding or preparing a bottle sans machinery is less expensive and works just as well.”

    Except not everyone can breast feed. Enough with the breastfeeding guilt trips already.

    • Profile photo of Shiloh JohnsonEditor Shiloh Johnson says:

      She does state that breastfeeding OR preparing a bottle sans machinery (meaning just by hand) is less expensive, so I don’t believe she was trying to give a guilt trip. She was simply saying that you can feed baby without having to buy a fancy machine, which would be cheaper! Although we support breastfeeding, we of course understand that some people can’t, and beyond that, some people choose not to, which is perfectly fine. We want everyone to feel welcome and supported here!

  2. Profile photo of tya tya says:

    Great idea but about $100 too expensive

  3. Profile photo of khia khia says:

    This is an amazing product that i would love to have. i do think the price is a little high for it tho.

  4. Profile photo of Melanie DenneyEditor Melanie Denney says:

    When babies grow of of formula, could the formula compartment be filled with something else? Cocoa perhaps? My kids love drinking their “coffee” in the morning with us, so having their beverage dispensed from this would be so fun for them. So, if I could upcycle this into a coco maker (and if it was way less expensive) then yes, if I had an infant, I’d totally love to have one of these.

  5. Profile photo of Ambar H. Ambar H. says:

    I would totally buy the baby brezza. It seems very practical and easy to use. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to make my daughter a bottle but this I can have it on my night stand and not even get up out of bed. It is a great that you don’t even have to mess with anything extra. The water is at the correct temp and the formula dispenses correctly, anyone can prepare the baby’s bottle correctly. The only set back is the price which is a bit pricey as my child will not always drink formula but overall not a bad product.


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