Most Obvious Study Ever Says Moms More Tired Than Dads

Breaking news alert: a study has just revealed something that will shock and horrify moms everywhere. 

You may want to brace yourself, mothers of the world, because what I'm about to tell you will rock your world like no single piece of news has ever done before. 

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Are you ready? 

Here goes nothing — a new study has revealed that mothers find parenting more tiring than fathers. 

Are you shocked and horrified? Shaking your head in disbelief? Wondering where on earth researchers got such revolutionary data from? Or are you just like every mom in America who read that and snorted in laughter, then thought, “Puh-lease. Tell me something I don't know.”

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Yeah, I hear you. I can't tell whether I'm laughing or crying. The study looked at the different experiences of mothers and fathers and found that in households with both a father and a mother, the mothers generally reported feeling more stressed about the demands of parenting and more tired from the physical and emotional needs of their children. 

Fathers tended to report having more “fun” with the kids, sleeping more, and not having their daily activities of life interrupted to the same degree that mothers did. 

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The study was performed using data from more than 12,000 parents that looked at their parenting responsibilities, duties, environment, and feelings. They also examined the parents performing parenting tasks. And one of the most interesting parts I thought the study revealed was about the different environments that mothers and fathers have while parenting. 

The researchers found that fathers were more likely to not spend significant amounts of time all alone with their kids, while mothers were expected to be able to be isolated with their children without any problem. I thought this was so eye-opening because I, to this day, struggle the most when I know that I have to be trapped home alone with my kids for days at a time as a stay-at-home mom. I don't think it's healthy or natural and then as moms, we beat ourselves up for not feeling blissfully happy 24/7. But no human is mean to be totally alone all of the time.

“When mothers are with their kids, they are more often by themselves,” explained the study's lead author. “When fathers are with their kids, they are more likely to have other adults around, offering some back-up. This helps us understand why fathers are less stressed when with kids.”

Makes total sense. 

Now, of course, this study does not speak to every family, but I still found it interesting. I would have to admit that in our family, my husband tends to get up with our kids even more than I do at night, but the most intensive day-to-day parental tasks, as well as all of the emotional and physical responsibilities, are all on me. So yes, I am more exhausted and stressed because I'm the default parent and it's a hard place to be. This study, laughable as it may be at first, did open my eyes to the fact that it's not just me.

Would you say you are more stressed than your partner as a parent? 

What do you think?

Most Obvious Study Ever Says Moms More Tired Than Dads

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