Nothing Says Love Like Finding Your Genetic Soul Mate

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All you single peeps out there, listen up. I've come across a breakthrough in dating. I know—something that we all have been waiting for. But before I reveal the glory that is this new way to find your soul mate, let's review what some of the out-of-the-ordinary dating options are available to us single folk.

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Have you ever heard of Tinder? Yeah, it sucks—it's based on 100% superficiality and common “likes” that you probably didn't even know you “liked” because it's been eight years since you've “liked” it. Not to mention that if you are not the hottest thing to ever grace the ground of this earth, then you will be cursed with being swiped left for the remainder of your days. Tinder is a tough game.

Have you considered government-run dating services? As you may remember from one of my past posts, Japan is trying to create government-organized speed dating in order to boost the birth rates. I mean, what can be more trustworthy that government and dating put together. I, for one, have become jaded by the government and dating, so I think I'll use my pass on this one.

What about blind dates? I don't think anything needs to be said about blind dates …

How about conventional dating? You know, the type where the guy sees the gal at the library or on the train or at the store or walking out of therapy and gets her number, takes her out to dinner, and then starts a lovely, steady, and successful relationship. Well, if it were that easy, the necessity for this post would be null and void.

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So, without further delay or remembrance of horrid dating experiences, I give you is a dating site that helps match you with the love of your life by … examining a loogie. Yeah, they examine your spit and help you find a mate.

Granted, that does sound a little barbaric, but it's not all that bad. You sign up for by connecting with your LinkedIn account (I guess they're trying to make dating a little more professional, so they forego using Facebook accounts for signing up), and then they'll send you a tube, into which you spit. Send back the tube, and the people back at SingldOut will check for the presence of “serotonin uptake controller, which is involved in how people handle positive and negative emotions” and “genes that influence a  person's immune system.”

With the results, they'll match you up with people that have the “lasting chemistry” you're hoping for in behavioral traits in relation to emotions and the level of healthiness. From there, it's essentially online dating—pick who you think is cute, ask them out, live happily ever after. (Supposedly.) 

What do you think? Do you think that finding your biological soulmate is worth looking into?

What do you think?

Nothing Says Love Like Finding Your Genetic Soul Mate

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